FIFA World Cup 2022 | Current Affairs | Part 1

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Current Affairs about upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022 | Part - 5

Q1. When will the next FIFA World Cup be organized?

A. 2020
B. 2021
C. 2022
D. 2023

Q2. Which country will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

A. Saudi Arab
B. Russia
C. India
D. Qatar

Q3. How many teams participate in FIFA World Cup 2022?

A. 32
B. 36
C. 40
D. 48

Q4. Which stadium is going to be the 2022 FIFA Football World Cup?

A. Ahmed bin Ali Stadium
B. Aspire Indoor Stadium
C. Khalifa International Stadium
D. Lusail Iconic Stadium

Q5. Capacity of Lusail Iconic Stadium is

A. 89,000
B. 86,000
C. 80,000
D. 65,000

Q6. Which company of India has taken the broadcasting rights of the FIFA Football World Cup 2022?

A. Star TV Network
B. Zee Entertainment Enterprises
C. ETV Network
D. Sony Pictures Network

Q7. Lusail Iconic Stadium situated in

A. Doha
B. Lusail
C. Al Wakrah
D. Al Khor

Q8. When will the final match of 2022 FIFA Football World Cup?

A. 18th December 2022
B. 21st December 2022
C. 19th December 2022
D. 20th December 2022

Q9. When will the first match of 2022 FIFA Football World Cup?

A. 19th November 2022
B. 18th November 2022
C. 20th November 2022
D. 21st November 2022

Q10. How long will the FIFA Football World Cup 2022 be held?

A. 25
B. 22
C. 28
D. 24
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Q1. (C) 2022, Q2. (D) Qatar, Q3. (A) 32, Q4. (D) Lusail Iconic Stadium, Q5. (A) 89,000, Q6. (D) Sony Pictures Network, Q7. (B) Lusail, Q8. (A) 18th December 2022, Q9. (D) 21st November 2022, Q10. (C) 28.

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