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Communalism In India Essay about 150 words

Use the following points below and write in about 150 words a paragraph on Communalism in India: Points: Many religious groups - faces conflicts for 3 reasons  (i) Social injustice (ii) Fanaticism of fundamentalists (iii) Uneven distribution of wealth
Present situation - No unity in diversity; politics and religions shattering national integration.

Communalism In India Communalism disharmony is the burning issue of the day in India. Ours is a country with diverse culture and different religious groups and communities. The amity among Indian masses is absent for three important reasons. Social injustice, the fanaticism of fundamentalists, and uneven and unequal distribution of wealth are the factors largely responsible for communal disharmony in India. As a result of this, the country is passing through a terrible time. Politics and religions have shaken the country by its very roots. For their mean and selfish communal gains, the Hindus, the Muslims, the Sikhs, and others are at enmity…

General Knowledge : About Everything | Part - 5

We have learned a lot of thing from our school books or college books. But in this post, you can read some awesome unknown facts that help you to gain your general knowledge to prepare any competitive exams or any competition. In this post, we share more than 50 secrets facts that blow your mind.
General Knowledge
1. Less than 1 percent of Iceland is ice-free.

2. Every human lost 50 to 100 hairs in a day.

3. Opal has been found on Mars.

4. The hearing is the fastest human senses. A person can retrieve a small volume of 0.05 seconds.

5. Hamida Banu Begum was a wife of Humayun and the mother of Samrat Akbar.

6. Satish Chandra Bose founded Anushilan Samiti.

7. Bharat Ratna Sardar Vallabhbhai Jhaverbhai Patel is known as India's Iron Man.

8. Laika was a Soviet space dog who became one of the first animals in space, and the first animal to orbit the Earth. Laika died within hours from overheating, possibly caused by a failure of the central R-7 sustainer to separate from the payload.

Indian Polity General Question & Answer | Part - 3

INDIAN POLITY PART - 3Q1. By virtue of which act, diarchy was introduced in India?

A. Indian Council Act, 1909
B. The government of India Act, 1919
C. The government of India Act, 1935
D. Indian Independence Act, 1947

Q2. Who presided over the first meeting of the Indian Constituent Assembly?

A. Dr. Rajendra Prasad
B. Sachchidananda Sinha
C. B.R. Ambedkar
D. H.V. Kamath

Q3. In Indian polity which one is supreme?

A. The supreme court
B. The constitution
C. The parliament
D. Religion

Q4. Which Amendment of the Indian constitution inserted the two words ’Socialist’ and ‘Secular’ in the preamble?

A. 28th
B. 40th
C. 42nd
D. 52nd

Q5. Which one of the following liberty is not embodied in the preamble to the constitution of India?

A. Liberty of Thought
B. Liberty of Expression
C. Liberty of Belief
D. Economic Liberty

Q6. Of the following words in the preamble of the constitution of India which was not inserted through the constitution (Forty Second) Amendmend Act, 1976?

A. Socialist
B. Secular

Indian Polity General Question & Answer | Part - 2

INDIAN POLITY PART 2Q1. Which of the following exercised the most profound influence in framing the Indian Constitution?
A. British Constitution B. US Constitution C. Irish Constitution D. The Government of India Act, 1935
Q2. The first attempt to introduce a representative and popular element in the governance of India was made through:
A. Indian Council Act, 1861 B. Indian Council Act, 1892 C. Indian Council Act, 1909 D. The government of India Act, 1919
Q3. The constitution of India came into force on :
A. December 9, 1946 B. January 26, 1949 C. January 26, 1950 D. November 26, 1951
Q4. Who was the chairman of the union power committee of Constituent Assembly of India?
A. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel B. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar C. Sir Alladi Krishnaswami Ayyar D. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru
Q5. The Constitution of India was adopted on 
A. 26th January 1950 B. 26th January 1949 C. 26th November 1949 D. 15th August 1947
Q6. The presidential Government operates on the principle of
A. Division of powers bet…

Indian Economy General Question & Answer | Part - 5

INDIAN ECONOMY PART 5Q1. The Planning Commission of India was constituted in the year :

A. 1942
B. 1947
C. 1950
D. 1955

Q2. According to Census 2001, what is the percentage of male literary?

A. 75.85
B. 70
C. 65
D. 60

Q3. Where is the Forest Reserve Institute of India located?

A. Dehradun
B. Bhopal
C. Lucknow
D. Delhi

Q4. Where was electricity supply first introduced in India?

A. Kolkata
B. Darjeeling
C. Mumbai
D. Chennai

Q5. The standard of living in a country is represented by its :

A. Proverty Ratio
B. Per Capita Income
C. National Income
D. Unemployment Rate

Q6. Which of the following has not been a component of the agriculture strategy that brought about the Green Revolution?

A. Greater intensity of cropping
B. Guaranteed maximum prices
C. New agriculture technology
D. Package of inputs

Q7. One of the objectives of Industrial Licensing policy in India was to ensure :

A. Creation of adequate employment opportunities
B. Free flow of foreign capital in Indian industries
C. Use of modern …

Indian Polity General Question and Answer | Part - 1

INDIAN POLITYQ1. Which of the following acts introduced communal electorate in India?
A.Indian Council Act, 1861  B.Indian Council Act, 1892 C.Indian Council Act, 1909  D.The government of India Act, 1935
Q2. What was the basis for constituting the Constituent Assembly of India?
A.The resolution of Indian National Congress B.The Cabinet Mission Plan, 1946  C.The Indian Independence Act, 1947  D.The resolution of the Provincial/State legislature of the Dominion of India 
Q3. The Unitary System of Government possesses which of the following advantages?
A.Greater adaptability  B.Strong States  C.Greater participation by the people  D.Lesser chances of authoritarianism 
Q4. Which Amendment Act introduced changes in the Preamble to the India Constitution? 
A.The 38th Amendment Act, 1975 B.The 40th Amendment Act, 1976 C.The 42nd Amendment Act, 1976 D.The 44th Amendment Act, 1979 
Q5. The item ‘Education’ belongs to the
A.Union List  B.State List C.Concurrent List  D.Residuary subjects 
Q6. Of t…

Geography General Question & Answer | Part - 4

Q1. How does the sun get its energy?

A.From gravitational pressure
B.From nuclear fission
C.From nuclear fusion
D.None of the above

Q2. Which one among the following is NOT a minor plate?


Q3. The most recent geological epoch of the Quaternary period covering the 10000 years or so from the end of the Pleistocene epoch to the present day is known as


Q4. The composite volcanic cone is also called strata cone because of the :

A.Alternating sheets of lava and pyroclastic materials
B.Uneven streams of the lava flow
C.Cataclysmic eruption
D.The eruption of lava flow from a fissure

Q5. Oil is found in petroliferous rock. Which one among the following structures demonstrates an ideal trap?

A.Horizontal structure
B.Fault structure
C.Synclinal structure
D.Anticlinal structure

Q6. Moraines are formed in

A.Glacial regions
B.Monsoon region
C.River deltas
D.Arid regions

Q7. Rift Valley is formed

A.Between two…

Computer Question & Answer | Basic | Part - 7

Q1. Letters, numbers, and symbols found on a keyboard are


Q2. Typical acronym of reusable optical storage will be


Q3. The pictorial representation of a program or algorithm is called a

B.Salve Chart
C.Flow chart
D.Mix chart

Q4. One megabyte is equal to approximately

A.1000 bits
B.1000 bytes
C.1 million bytes
D.1. Million bits

Q5. Each component of the computer is either

A.Hardware or software
B.Software or CPU/RAM
C.Application software
D.Input devices or output devices

Q6. The server is a computer which provides resources other computers commuted in a

C.Super computers

Q7. A word on a web page which opens other documents when clicks on it is a


Q8. A small arrow or blinking symbol on the desktop is called a


Q9. A collection of related files is called


Q10. Numbers in table columns are…

Write an Essay on Early Rising

Write a paragraph on 'Early Rising' with the help of the following points:
Points: Introduction - early start to the day's activities - impact on the body and brain - calmness in the atmosphere - conclusion.

Early Rising There goes a proverb: "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise." The wise saying is worth following. Early rising has a number of benefits. First and foremost, early rising provides the follower an early start to his day's work. It is rightly put: "Well begun half done." This inevitably and invariably sets the tone for the day's activities ahead. Rising early in the morning, we come in contact with fresh morning air which gives a fresh/new lease of life to our tired bodies and brains as well. As a consequence, we can work with renewed vim and vigour. An early riser is ever and always active and agile compared to his counterpart and competitor rising late in the morning. The early part of the day is r…

South Western Railway STA/ JTA Online Recruitment 2019: 81 vacancy

Name of the post: South Western Railway STA / JTA Online Form 2019
Vacancy: 81
Starting Date: 10/01/2019
Ending Date: 01/02/2019
Advt No: 01/2019

Short Information: South Western Railway has given an opportunity for the post of Senior Technical Associate / Junior Technical Associate vacancies on contract basis for the open market in Civil Engineer and Signal & Telecom departments. Who are Interested in the vacancy please read the complete details carefully before Apply Online.

South Western Railway Name of the Division Total Qualification Senior Technical Associate 33 4 years Bachelor Degree (Civil Engineering) or a combination of any Sub Stream of Basic Streams of Civil Engineering Junior Technical Associate 48 3 years of Diploma (Civil Engineering) or B.Sc (Civil Engineering) or a combination of any Sub Stream of Basic Stream of Civil Engineering
Application Fee: Rs. 100/- for all candidates.
Age Limit:
Senior Technical Associate (Civil Engineering / Signal & Telecom) - 20 to 33 yea…

Indian Economy General Question Answer | Part - 4

Q1. Which is the highest body that approves Five-year plans in the country?
A.Planning Commission  B.Union Cabinet  C.Parliament  D.National Development Council 
Q2. Which amongst the following States/UTs has NOT identified tribal community? A.Chhattisgarh  B.Haryana  C.Maharashtra  D.Karnataka
Q3. Which States in India is estimated to have the largest coal reserves in India? 
A.Bihar  B.Jharkhand  C.Madhya Pradesh  D.Orissa 
Q4. When was the first train steamed off in India? 
A.1848 B.1853 C.1875 D.1880
Q5. Which plan gave emphasis on the removal of poverty for the first time? 
A.Fourth  B.Fifth  C.Sixth D.Seventh 
Q6. Which is the agency the Government has engaged to grade and standardize various agricultural products? 
A.Food Corporation of India B.Directorate of Marketing and Inspection  C.Bureau of Indian Standards  D.Central Statistical Organisation 
Q7. Which country/countries started privatization of State-owned enterprises as a major States policy?
A.U.K. under Mrs. M…

RRB JE Recruitment 2019: Apply Online 13843 Vacancies

Name of the post: Junior Engineer, Junior Engineer (IT),
Vacancies: Junior Engineer and Others 2019
Start date: 02/01/2019
Last date: 31/01/2019

Short Information: Indian Railway Recruitment Boards offering engineers and IT posts for fresher engineering graduates and diploma holders for above 14,000 vacancies in this year 2019. Advertised the central employment newsletter for recruitment of Railway Recruitment Board (RRB), Government of India, Railway Recruitment Board (RRB), Junior Engineers, Depot Superintendent and Chemical and Metallurgical Assistant. The RRB 2019 recruitment process and an online registration portal will begin on January 2, 2019. Last date for registering RRB 2018-19 31 January 2019. The last update, RRBs has been reduced Junior Engineer vacancies from 13034 to 12844.
Name of the posts Total Vacancies = 13843 Junior Engineer 12844 Junior Engineer (IT) 49 Depot Material Superintendent 456 Chemical and Metallurgical Assistant 494
Educational Qualification:

Name of the p…

OSSSC Recruitment 2019: Apply Now For Junior Assistant & Clerk

Name of the post: Junior Clerk & Junior Assistant 2019 Vacancy: 1525 Start Date: 29/12/2018
Last Date: 29/01/2019
Short Information: OSSSS Bhubaneswar invites online applications to select Junior Clerk / Junior Assistant District Cadre for admission to 1525 Vacancies under General and Special Recruitment Drive for ST / SC for different departments of the government. There are 1282 Junior Clerk seats and 243 seats for Junior Assistant. The last date for submission of online registration is January 29, 2019.
Name of the post No. of Vacancies Department wise Vacancies Junior Clerk 1282 Agriculture – 54, Finance – 82, Steel & Mines – 09, Health & Family Welfare – 18, Revenue & Disaster Management – 920, Forest & Environment – 154, Social Security & Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities - 45 Junior Assistant 243 Women and Child Development
Age Limit: 18 to 32 years on 1st April 2018 Minimum Educational Qualification: 1.You must have passed in 10+2 examination …

UPSC Advert. No 01/2019 Apply For Online

Name of the post: Union Public Service Commission various vacancies Apply Online 2019
Vacancy: 358
Post date: 12/01/2019
Last date: 31/01/2019

Short Information: The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has issued an employment notification on recruitment for appointment to Assistant Professor, Medical Officer (MO), Scientist and other posts. Those candidates who are interested in the vacancy details and have completed all the eligibility criteria, read the notice and apply online.
Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Advert. No. 01/2019 Various Vacancies Online 2019 Application Fee Others: 25/- SC/ST/PWD candidates: N/l Payment Mode: Online/Offline Important Dates Last date to apply online: 31/01/2019 till 23:59 pm Last date for printing of completely submitted online application: 01/02/2019
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Essay On Sound Pollution

Study the following information and write three paragraphs on the problem of Sound Pollution(in about 120 words): Problem: Sound Pollution  - one of the serious pollution problems of the day - causes deafness etc.
Reasons: Indiscriminate use of microphones on each and every occasion - use of electric horns by motor vehicles - the sound of different fireworks - slogans.
Solution: To make the people conscious of the dangers of sound pollution - effective control of loud-speakers - banning of high-sounding fire-works.
SOUND POLLUTION One of the greatest problems the 20th century is facing today is the problem of sound pollution. It causes partial or complete deafness in us. The reasons for this kind of pollution are many. It is caused by the indiscriminate use of microphones on different social, religious and political occasions. Another main reason for noise pollution is the use of electric horns by various motor vehicles. Sound pollution is also created by the sound of different firew…

Essay On Advertisement

Write an essay on the advertisement with the help of the following points: Points: A way to draw the attention of the public to products, entertainment, sports programmes etc. - an art in our time - an advantage for both producer and consumer - a source of income for newspaper, magazines, journals - the dark sides: - quality exaggerated - people deceive - distracts attention of serious readers, TV spectators, radio listeners and customers at large.

Currently, we all are very familiar with the word ‘advertisement’. It is a way to draw the attention of the public to the products of a company, some entertainment or sports programmes and etc. An advertisement is an art on the part of businessmen and traders of our time. An advertisement is good and helpful for both producers and consumers of a particular product. The producers can make their goods familiar with the public through advertisement. Then the consumers became attracted by the product and purchase it. Thus adverti…

Essay On LEISURE | 176 Words

Using the following points write down a short paragraph about 'Leisure':
Leisure - its meaning - necessity - Leisure, as important as work - needed for creative work - Leisure is our freedom - a part of independence. LeisureLeisure means the free time at one's disposal. It also means an absence of work. The necessity and importance of leisure can hardly be exaggerated. It is as useful and important as work itself. Work and leisure are co-related. We can not think of the one without the other. However heavy our duties may be, we must find some time every day during which we must relax ourselves doing as we please. If a machine goes on working all the time, it will get out of order soon. Our body and mind are no exception to this law of nature. After some rest, we can work with renewed vigor and energy. Leisure or spare time is absolutely necessary for creative work. It is only during leisure hours that one can think freely and properly and create something new. Poets and w…