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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Computer Question & Answer | Basic | Part - 7

computer basic question and answer


Q1. Letters, numbers, and symbols found on a keyboard are

A. Icon
B. Screen
C. Keys
D. Menu

Q2. Typical acronym of reusable optical storage will be


Q3. The pictorial representation of a program or algorithm is called a

A. Chart
B. Salve Chart
C. Flow chart
D. Mix chart

Q4. One megabyte is equal to approximately

A. 1000 bits
B. 1000 bytes
C. 1 million bytes
D. 1. Million bits

Q5. Each component of the computer is either

A. Hardware or software
B. Software or CPU/RAM
C. Application software
D. Input devices or output devices

Q6. The server is a computer which provides resources other computers commuted in a

A. Network
B. Mainframe
C. Super computers
D. Clients

Q7. A word on a web page which opens other documents when clicks on it is a

A. Anchor
B. Hyperlink
C. Reference

Q8. A small arrow or blinking symbol on the desktop is called a

A. Mouse
B. Logo
C. Hand
D. Cursor

Q9. A collection of related files is called

A. Character
B. Field
C. Database
D. Record

Q10. Numbers in table columns are usual

A. Right-aligned
B. Left-aligned
C. Justified
D. Centered
press here


 1. (C) Keys
2. (B) CD–RW
3. (C) Flow chart
4. (C) 1 million bytes
5. (A) Hardware or software
6. (A) Network
7. (B) Hyperlink
8. (D) Cursor
9. (C) Database
10. (A) Right-aligned

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