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Monday, January 28, 2019

Indian Economy General Question & Answer | Part - 5

multiple choice question answer


Q1. The Planning Commission of India was constituted in the year :

A. 1942
B. 1947
C. 1950
D. 1955

Q2. According to Census 2001, what is the percentage of male literary?

A. 75.85
B. 70
C. 65
D. 60

Q3. Where is the Forest Reserve Institute of India located?

A. Dehradun
B. Bhopal
C. Lucknow
D. Delhi

Q4. Where was electricity supply first introduced in India?

A. Kolkata
B. Darjeeling
C. Mumbai
D. Chennai

Q5. The standard of living in a country is represented by its :

A. Proverty Ratio
B. Per Capita Income
C. National Income
D. Unemployment Rate

Q6. Which of the following has not been a component of the agriculture strategy that brought about the Green Revolution?

A. Greater intensity of cropping
B. Guaranteed maximum prices
C. New agriculture technology
D. Package of inputs

Q7. One of the objectives of Industrial Licensing policy in India was to ensure :

A. Creation of adequate employment opportunities
B. Free flow of foreign capital in Indian industries
C. Use of modern technology
D. Balanced Industrial development across regions

Q8. Which amongst the following currencies is the costliest?

A. French franc
B. Swiss Franc
C. Euro
D. Pound Sterling

Q9. What are ‘Open Market Operations’?

A. Activities of SEBI-registered brokers
B. Selling currency by the RBI
C. Selling of gilt-edged securities by the Government
D. Sale of shares by FIIs

Q10. Interest on public debt is a part of :

A. Transfer payments by the enterprises
B. Transfer payments by the Government
C. National Income
D. Interest payment by house-holds


1. (C) 1950
2. (A) 75.85
3. (A) Dehradun
4. (B) Darjeeling
5. (B) Per capita Income
6. (B) Guaranteed maximum prices
7. (D) Balanced industrial development across regions
8. (D) pound Sterling
9. (C) Selling of gilt-edged securities by the Government
10. (B) Transfer payments by the Government

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