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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Global Warming - Paragraph Writing - 150 Words

Write a paragraph on 'Global Warming' developing the following points in about 150 words:

Problems: Planet getting warmer day by day, ice gathered in the Polar region started melting.
Effects: Rising temperature of sea waters, marine life affected. rainfall has been quite irregular.
Reasons: Large scale deforestation, consumption of fossil fuel, excessive use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides in cultivation.
Solution:  Afforestation has to be encouraged. alternative energy resources to be invented and the use of biological and natural fertilizers and insecticides to be used.
paragraph writing

Global Warming

Global warming has been one of the greatest concerns for mankind in recent times. Never before has the earth became so warm as it has been of late. There are clear indications that our planet is getting warmer day by day. The huge mass of ice gathering in the North Pole and the South Pole has started melting. There have been cases where damage and destruction of marine life has been confirmed due to the rising temperate of sea waters. The Gangotri Glacier which is the main source of water for the Ganges is reported to have been fast diminishing over the last few years. Rainfall recorded in different parts of the globe has been quite erratic and irregular. These are some of the sings and symptoms confirming the earth’s growing temperature. The reasons for the planet getting warmer are many. The major reasons for this Global Warming are the large scale of deforestation, use or consumption of fossil fuel for transport and cooking purpose, excessive and indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides in cultivation.

To combat the challenge of global warming, the above contributing factors have to be checked and eradicated at all costs. Afforestation has to be encouraged and alternative energy resources invented and use of biological and natural fertilizers, insect and pest killers has to be ensured. The menace of global warming must be faught with a global planning.

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