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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Study Of Biography | Paragraph Writing | 160 Words

paragraph writing

Develop the following points into a short paragraph in about 150 words on the Study of Biography:


What is biography: An account of the life of a great man.

Why should we read it: Lives of great men full of most exciting and ennobling experience and incidents. Show us the right path of life. An object lesson for their followers.

What a biography should avoid: Avoid hero-worship, truthful presentation of the great man's life.

Study Of Biography

Biography is an account of the life of a great man written by someone else. Boswell's biography of Johnson is a classic example of this art of writing. Great men in any walk of life influence their contemporary society tremendously. They are held in high esteem and their lives are, in fact, the milestones of history. Carlyle has correctly called history a collection of biographies. Their lives are full of the most exciting and ennobling experiences and incidents. The lives of Rammohan and Vidyasagar show their fights for the reformation of our society. The lives of Sri Ramkrishna, Swami Vivekananda and Lokenath Brahmachari depict austerities, spiritual excellence, and concern, and sacrifice for the fallen. The biographies of scientists like J. C. Bose, Satyendranath Bose, and Meghnath Saha are wonderful records and accounts of their devotion to science.

The biographies of a great men show us the right path to follow in our life. We can take a leaf out of their book to make our lives sublime. The discipline, devotion, and dedication that day displayed in their lives can be an object lesson for their followers, who can mould their lives accordingly. A biographer needs to make a truthful presentation of the great man's life avoiding all exaggeration and hero-worshipping. Everyone especially those who are students should read biographies of great men.

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