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Essay On SCIENCE AND RELIGION - For Students

SCIENCE AND RELIGION It is believed by a section of people that science and religion are poles apart. They are contrary and inimical to each other. But this is not true at all. The aim and goal of these overly opposite institutions are the same i.e. to do good to man. There is no doubt that the methods of science and religion are different. The method of science is observation, experiment, and experience. Science is entirely based on reason and rationality. On the contrary, the methods followed by religions are belief and faith, though some religious leaders encourage and entertain questioning and rational thinking. But, in general, while science is inclined to reason and conviction, religion is dependent on emotional and mysticism. In ancient times man dreaded the elements of nature like storm, earthquake, flood, fire, the sun, etc. Thus he began to worship these fearful forces of nature. Cleverer priests took advantage of the situation and they exploited common god-fearing masses. …

EPFO Social Security Assistant Recruitment 2019 - Apply Online

Name of the post:

Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) Social Security Assistant Online Form 2019
Date: 27/06/2019

Vacancy: Not Announced

Short Description: Employees Provident Fund Organization has given an opportunity for the Social Security Assistant post. Those candidates who are interested in the vacancy please check all the information carefully and us for the future notification and online application.

Important Dates

Online Application starts from 27/06/2019
Last date to apply online 21/07/2019
Date of Examination: 31/08/2019 & 01/09/2019

Age limit: Between 18 to 27 years old


Have any degree from a recognized university.

Important Links

Official Website:Click Here
Apply Online:Click Here
Notification:Click Here

Write A Letter To The Editor Of A Newspaper About Reckless Driving Of Vehicles.

Write A Letter To The Editor Of a Newspaper About Reckless Driving Of Vehicles.
The Editor,
The Stateman,
Kolkata - 700001,

     I shall be very thankful if you kindly allow me a little space in the columns of your esteemed daily to draw the kind attention of the Government to the reckless driving of vehicles in Kolkata.
Reckless driving of buses, cars, lorries, and taxis has become a phenomenon in and around the city. In most case, it is found that the drivers care little for the traffic rules. They often cross the speed limit. Incidents of overtaking other vehicles are very common in the streets here. The traffic police also neglect their duties in this regard. As a result, accidents occur every now and then. The life of people has become very unsafe and uncertain. So, it is high time when the Government should take strong and stern steps to stop reckless driving of vehicles and thus ensure the safety of the passengers and the pedestrians as well.
Thanking you, Yours faithfully, &qu…

Write A Paragraph On 'The Poet You Like Most'

Study the following brief information about William Wordsworth, one of the finest English poets, and write a paragraph on 'The Poet You Like Most'.

Birth: At Cockermouth in England in 1770.
Childhood: Father died when William was only 13; depended on the generosity of two uncles who paid for his schooling.
Education: School at Hawkshead near Lake Windermere, at St. John's College, Cambridge; graduated in 1791.
Poetry: 'Lyrical Ballads' (1798); 'The Prelude' (1805); 'Ode on the Intimations of Immortality', 'Yarrow Revisited', 'Tintern Abbey', 'The Excursion', 'The Solitary Reaper'.
Deah: 1850.

The Poet You Like Most
William Wordsworth, one of the finest English poets, is my favorite poet. He was born at Cockermouth in England in 1770. His father died when he was thirteen years old. He had his schooling at Hawkshead near Lake Windermere. To prosecute his studies, William had to depend on the generosity of his two uncle…

Write A Paragraph Describing How The Postal System Works

Study the following points and write a paragraph describing how the postal system works :
Letters written - dropped in postal boxes - collected by postmen - sorting in post offices - destination - air, sea, railways - despatched by mail van - different post offices - delivered by postmen to respective addresses.

How the Postal System Works
The working of the postal system is a complicated process. First, letters are written and these are dropped in postal boxes. The letters are then collected from the letter boxes by post-men of different post offices. The collected letters are brought to the post offices where the sorting of letters is done. The sorted letters are next despatched to different places by plane, ship, and train. The letters are then sent to various post offices by mail van. Now the postmen in post office collect the letters and put them in bags. At last, they go out either by cycle or on foot to deliver letters to the addressees in different places.
See Also: Write-In A…

Write A Letter To Your Friend Describing Your Favourite Hobby.

A letter to your friend describing your favorite hobby
51 Guild Street London EC4R7EP 21 June 2019 My dear Jade,
Your sweets note is just to hand. You have informed me that you have chosen stamp-collecting as your favorite hobby and wanted to know about mine. I have taken up gardening as my favorite hobby. My little flower garden is just in front of my home. First of all, I sowed flower seeds and then planted sapling there. Whenever I find some time, I go to the garden to take care of the plants. I spade the soil, prune the branches and apply fertilizers for proper growth and development of the plants. I feel great joy when the plants burst into beautiful blossoms. I like gardening so much because it is less expensive but more interesting than most other hobbies. It is a source of pure pleasure for me. You may try it yourself and let me know how you feel about it.
More when we meet. With my due regards to your parents and love to you.
Ever yours, Anna Jade M Adams Street: 96 Constitution St. City…

Goegraphy General Question & Answer For Competitive Exams | Part - 5

Geography General Common Question and answer for all competitive exams.

Q1. Which is the organic rock?

A. Coal
B. Marble
C. Granite
D. Slate

Q2. Where the Sahara Desert is situated?

A. Asis
B. Africa
C. Europe
D. Australia

Q3. Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched?

A. Vosges - Fold mountain
B. Mauna Loa - Volcanic Cone
C. Tienshan - Structural Dome
D. Ferghana - Deep-seated fault

Q4. Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission is:

A. A collaborative project of ISRO and NASA
B. A spacecraft launched by the USA
C. A spacecraft launched by India
D. A collaborative project by NASA and Roscosmos

Q5. The term 'Higgs Boson' is associated with

A. Oncology
B. Nano Technology
C. God Particle
D. Stem cell Research

Q6. Which of the following one is the most abundant element:

A. Calcium
B. Silicon
D. Nitrogen

Q7. Which one is the highest active volcano in the world:

A. Cotopaxi
B. Etna
C. Mount Tai
D. Mount Fuji

Q8. Earthquake is caused by

A. Breakage of rock system
B. …

Write In About 150 Words A Paragraph On JOHN KEATS.

Hints: Birth - London, 1795; early age - not quite a bright boy; 1810 - apprentices to a doctor; love of literature; study of Greek and English literature - 1817; the giving up of the medical profession, started writing poems; 1820 - attack of T. B.; went to Italy for health - death there in 1821; short life but one of the greatest English poets.

John KeatsOne of the greatest of English poets was John Keats. He was born in London in the year 1795. Keats who became so famous later on, was not so bright and brilliant in his boyhood. He began his medical profession in 1810 as an apprentice to a doctor. But he gave up this profession after a few years in 1817. In the meantime, his innate and inherent love of literature made him study and learn Greek and English literature. Then Keats started writing poems of which 'Ode to a Nightingale', 'Ode Autumn' and 'To One Who Has Been Long in City Pent' deserve mention. But this great poet was unfortunately attacked with cons…