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Geography General Common Question and answer for all competitive exams.


Q1. Which is the organic rock?

A. Coal
B. Marble
C. Granite
D. Slate

Q2. Where the Sahara Desert is situated?

A. Asis
B. Africa
C. Europe
D. Australia

Q3. Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched?

A. Vosges - Fold mountain
B. Mauna Loa - Volcanic Cone
C. Tienshan - Structural Dome
D. Ferghana - Deep-seated fault

Q4. Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission is:

A. A collaborative project of ISRO and NASA
B. A spacecraft launched by the USA
C. A spacecraft launched by India
D. A collaborative project by NASA and Roscosmos

Q5. The term 'Higgs Boson' is associated with

A. Oncology
B. Nano Technology
C. God Particle
D. Stem cell Research

Q6. Which of the following one is the most abundant element:

A. Calcium
B. Silicon
D. Nitrogen

Q7. Which one is the highest active volcano in the world:

A. Cotopaxi
B. Etna
C. Mount Tai
D. Mount Fuji

Q8. Earthquake is caused by

A. Breakage of rock system
B. Disturbance of earth surface
C. Upliftment of rocks
D. Adjustment of layers of the earth crust

Q9. The Great Victoria Desert is located at

A. India
B. Australia
C. Egypt
D. Rome

Q10. The rate of erosion in a stream is lowest where:

A. Velocity is more
B. The river joins the sea
C. Depth is greater
D. Breadth is greater


Q1. (A) Coal,
Q2. (B) Africa,
Q3. (C) Tienshan - Structural Dome,
Q4. (B) A spacecraft launched by the USA
Q5. (C) God Particle
Q6. (D) Nitrogen
Q7. (A) Cotopaxi
Q8. (B) Disturbance of earth surface
Q9. (B) Australia
Q10. (B) The river joins the sea

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