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science and religion essay


It is believed by a section of people that science and religion are poles apart. They are contrary and inimical to each other. But this is not true at all. The aim and goal of these overly opposite institutions are the same i.e. to do good to man. There is no doubt that the methods of science and religion are different. The method of science is observation, experiment, and experience. Science is entirely based on reason and rationality. On the contrary, the methods followed by religions are belief and faith, though some religious leaders encourage and entertain questioning and rational thinking. But, in general, while science is inclined to reason and conviction, religion is dependent on emotional and mysticism. In ancient times man dreaded the elements of nature like storm, earthquake, flood, fire, the sun, etc. Thus he began to worship these fearful forces of nature. Cleverer priests took advantage of the situation and they exploited common god-fearing masses. Gradually people got superstitious and dogmatic. It is against this background when science appeared and emerged as the savior of mankind. Slowly but surely science gained its ground and the superiority of man. But again degeneration started in human society when man forgot to follow religion in proper spirit and right earnest. Then science brought in the forces of destruction in the form and shape of dreadful and dangerous war weapons. Now the need of the hour is the proper blending and happy marriage between science and religion. If it does not happen, the day will soon come when the entire humanity will be exterminated and annihilated from the face of the earth.

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