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Study the following points and write a paragraph describing how the postal system works :

Letters written - dropped in postal boxes - collected by postmen - sorting in post offices - destination - air, sea, railways - despatched by mail van - different post offices - delivered by postmen to respective addresses.

write a paragraph describing how the postal system works

How the Postal System Works

The working of the postal system is a complicated process. First, letters are written and these are dropped in postal boxes. The letters are then collected from the letter boxes by post-men of different post offices. The collected letters are brought to the post offices where the sorting of letters is done. The sorted letters are next despatched to different places by plane, ship, and train. The letters are then sent to various post offices by mail van. Now the postmen in post office collect the letters and put them in bags. At last, they go out either by cycle or on foot to deliver letters to the addressees in different places.

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