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What Is Hellenism?

The word 'Hellenism' is derived from the word 'Hellen' which means Greek. Thus Hellenism represents Greek culture and spirit. One of the features of Romanticism was love for the classical past. Beset by the frustrations and disappointments of contemporary times the Romantics somethings sought solace and refuge in the Greek world. This world always had a charm of its own for the Romantics because of the Greek gods and goddesses symbolized a harmony, a superior pattern, and a sense of completeness which the Romantic poets craved for. The diverse aspects of nature reminded the poets of the aura of the classical world. For example, by imagining the locks of an approaching turbulent storm Shelley began to be reminded of the disheveled hair of the Maenads. 
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The passion of Hellenism is most prominently found in Keats. His works like 'Lamia', 'Hyperion', and 'Endymion' are based on Greek legends while the subject matters o…

What Is Medievalism?

The Romantic poets felt an attraction for the mystery and supernaturalism associated with the Middle Ages which were integrally related to an aura of romance. Coleridge, Scott, and Keats were particularly interested in medievalism and romanticism associated with it. The element of supernaturalism has been brilliantly handled by Coleridge in 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner' and 'Christabel' and by Keats in 'La Belle Dame sans Merci'. The essentially medieval setting and ambiance created by Keats in 'La Belle' are direct reflections of Keats' love for the remote and unfamiliar. At its root lay a refusal to `restrict cultivated interest within the bounds of the eighteenth century's defined boundaries of civilization, the Renaissance and the Enlightenment.

See also: What is Hellenism?

An interest in the middle ages had earlier become the fashion, with the Gothic novels of Horace Walpole, Mrs. Radcliffe, and others. The later period avoided the earlier …

Acknowledgement Sample For College Project

Acknowledgment sample for college project

Sample no. 1

I would like to gratefulness to my teacher/teachers (name of the teacher/teachers), my principal (name of the principal) who gave me this opportunity and choose me for this project on the topic (mention the topic name), which also help me to do all the research on this particular topic and now I happily said that I learn many new things which are possible for this wonderful project and I really thankful to them.
I am also very thankful to my parents and friends who help a lot to complete this project and make the right decision.

Write A Paragraph On 'Why Do I Want To Be A Doctor'

Write a paragraph in about 120 words on Why do I want to be a Doctor.
You may use the following hints.

Hints: what you wish to be when growing up - reasons for your choice - how it will benefit the society - source of inspiration for your choice.

WHY DO I WANT TO BE A DOCTOR Like, everybody, I have cherished a dream in my life. My aim/dream/aspiration is to become a doctor/physician in the future. The reasons why I want and wish to be/become a doctor are many. First and foremost, the noble profession/occupation of a physician draws/attracts me more than any other professions I find people around me to follow/pursue. Needless to say, the professions of a physician will greatly benefit the people of our society particularly/especially the poor ones. Good and great doctors are really rare. Dutiful doctors are few and far between. The doctors who are selfless, devote and dedicated to the cause of service to the suffering and distressed people and patients in our society are numbered these d…

Write A Paragraph On The Importance Of Festivals

Write a paragraph on the importance of Festivals.Hints: Introduction lists of different festivals enjoyment during festivals conclusion.
THE IMPORTANCE OF FESTIVALS The people of our country like all other countries of the world observe different festivals all around the year. Different festivals are held all around the year in our country. Festivals like Durga Puja, Christmas, Muharram, Id-ul-Fitr, Buddha Purnima, Ratha Yatra, and Janmasthami are observed with pomp and pleasure, gaiety and grandeur. Schools and colleges, courts and offices remain closed during festivals. People aged eight to eighty take part in the festival's whole-hearted. The rituals attached to and associated with each of the festivals are rightfully and solemnly observed. People are found dressed in colorful clothes. Children are, as usual, most enthusiastic of the lot. A variety of mouth-watering food is prepared and dished out on the occasion. Fairs and exhibitions are part of many festivals. Each of the fes…

Write A Paragraph on the Bad Effects of Plastic

Write a paragraph (in about 120 words) on the bad effects of the use of plastic.Hints:Non-biodegradable - soil fertility reduced - not cycled in eco-system automatically - make toxic - harm animal life - gas from burnt plastic - cause asthma, skin diseases, etc. - pollutes the air, water, and soil.
The excessive and indiscriminate use of plastic bags and carriers has given rise to a number of problems in our society these days. As we all know, plastic is a non-biodegradable substance. The articles made of plastic are mostly thrown indiscriminately by the roadside and these, as a result, choke the drains causing water-logging in cities and towns. The cultivation land and even water are made toxic which is much more dangerous for eco-system. This toxic substances harm animal life in the countryside as well. These also reduce the fertility of the land. The plastic articles are not cycled in the eco-system automatically and hence cannot be used again. The toxic subs…

Top 10 Countries With Best And Worst Education System In The World In 2019

In the world, many countries are faced with a financial crisis. They faced a lot of problems. The people of these countries struggle for better living. For those people taking education is one kind of luxury. Most of them can't afford it. Governments are helpless. They can't promote free education for those who can't afford to take education to pay money. But if we see another side of these countries, we can see some countries by their strong education system. In this post, we will see the top 10 best and worst countries by their education system based on 2019 report.
Top 10 Best Countries by their Education System United KingdomUnited StateCanadaGermanyFranceAustraliaSwitzerlandSwedenJapanNetherlands Top 10 Worth Countries by their Education SystemAngolaGambiaPakistanGuineaEritreaEthiopiaCentral African RepublicMailBurkina FasoNiger All these countries suffer the education problem. Not in the whole country but sometimes a state of a country suffer the same problem.

Write A Paragraph About Energy Crisis - MCQAnswer

Write a paragraph on the basis of the following points on 'Energy Crisis'.Points: Introduction - Importance of energy - conventional sources of energy - need to find out alternative sources - biogas, atomic energy, solar energy, etc. - energy should be used judiciously - conclusion. Energy CrisisEnergy is the life-breath of modern civilization. For rolling and movement of wheels, a constant supply of energy is a must. Energy is also required for domestic purposes as well. The current crisis of energy in the world has raised many questions in our minds about whether human civilization can move forward the way it has done over the last few centuries. The stock of the conventional sources of energy like coal, natural gas, petroleum, electricity is gradually running short. The available sources of energy cannot cope with its demand which is increasing day by day with the growth of industries and the increase in domestic consumption. It is apprehended that the stock of conventional …

What Is An Open Letter - MCQanswer

An open letter is a type of letter where you put information for a wide audience, or a letter wrote for an individual but that is widely distributed deliberately. Open letters basically addressed to an individual but delivered to the wide audience through the newspaper or other media like a blog. An open letter addressed to political leaders for a common issue.

Types of the open letter:
There are mainly two types of open letter. The first one is an unaddressed letter to be read and written for a large number of people. For example, a letter from a company to all its customers or a letter college student sends to all other students.The second type of open letter is addressed to a specific person but the goal is to reach a large number of people.
An open letter is very powerful but they have some pitfalls because they have to deliver targeted messages with a wide audience.

What Is An Informal Letter | Example Of Informal Letter

What is an Informal Letter?
An informal letter is that kind of letter where you can write something in a casual way. Means you are writing a letter for your close friends, family or relative, etc. All the non-professional letters are basically an informal letter. There are several ways to carry such a letter, sometimes it depends on which country you are in.
There is a basic format for writing an Informal Letter. If you want to write an informal letter these are the best way to write an Informal Letters.
Start with the OpeningWrite body textclosing

Example of Informal Letter This is an example of an informal letter. In this way, you can write an informal letter. What is the difference between formal and informal letter?
A formal letter requires a formal greeting while the informal does not.An informal letter does not use formal language but a formal letter uses formal language.So, there is a basic difference between formal and informal letters.

Best Way To Write An Informal Letter

Here you can learn the best way to write an Informal Letter to your friend, family member. We all know letter writing is an important skill to develop time to time. Writing letters is very much important and necessary thing both for the formal and personal matter also.
So you have to keep in mind that written communication is essential for all.
Informal Letter
An Informal letter is basically written to a friend, family member or relative. Casual language is used for writing an Informal letter.
Informal Letters are used for personal communication. THat's the reason that you don't have to follow any kind of rules, pattern or format. It's mainly written as per the writer's requirements.
Here you can see some Informal Letter example.
Format of Informal Letter
An Informal Letter is written by following these elements -
AddressDateGreetingBeginningMain content (Body)EndingSignatureThese are the basic format of Informal Letter.

How You Can Write A Letter To Your Boss Asking For A Laptop

How to write a letter or email to your boss asking for a laptop
Sometimes it's happened with us. And we can not say anything because he or she is our boss or feel like how to say something or how I asked for a laptop. This letter is for you. you can use a letter for asking for a laptop.

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am "Your Name". I worked in "Your Position" for more than 5 years. I am writing this email or letter to you to request for a laptop. I deeply feel that having a laptop can improve my workflow, my productivity. In this way, we can improve our services more easily.
I hope you understand and you will take this request into consideration.
Thank you sincerely for your attention. Your Sincerely, Your Name

Write a Paragraph On YOUR NEIGHBOURS

YOUR NEIGHBOURS Man being a social being can never live alone and is in constant need of getting help from and giving help to the people living next doors and around him. We are in close and cordial relationship with the people living in our neighborhood. We help and cooperate with one another whenever necessary. As such, fellow feeling has developed among the neighbors in our locality. We all participate in various social works and activities all around the year. We also arrange and organize different cultural functions and programs across the year such a Rabindra Jayanti, the celebration of Independence day and Republic day. We also arrange picnics and organize Saraswati Puja, Durga Puja, and Kali puja. Through all these programs a community feeling our neighbors has developed among all here in our neighborhood. I look upon our neighbors as good as our own family members. They also reciprocate similar feeling and gesture to me. Our neighborhood is nothing but an extended and larger…