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Write a paragraph on the basis of the following points on 'Energy Crisis'.

Points: Introduction - Importance of energy - conventional sources of energy - need to find out alternative sources - biogas, atomic energy, solar energy, etc. - energy should be used judiciously - conclusion.
paragraph writing energy crisis

Energy Crisis

Energy is the life breath of modern civilization. For rolling and movement of wheels, a constant supply of energy is a must. Energy is also required for domestic purposes as well. The current crisis of energy in the world has raised many questions in our minds whether human civilization can move forward the way it has done over the past few centuries. The stock of the conventional sources of energy like coal, natural gas, petroleum, electricity is gradually running short. The available sources of energy cannot cope with its demand which is increasing day by day with the growth of industries and the increase in domestic consumption. It is apprehended that the stock of conventional energy sources might be exhausted within a few decades. The man should hence search for alternative sources of energy like biogas, nuclear energy, solar energy and the like. A developing country like India is going to be hit hard due to the energy crisis. However, it is heartening to note that our government is taking measures to ensure a constant supply of energy to come out of the current energy crisis. Efforts are on to use solar energy in cooking food and many other purposes. Biogas is used in domestic purpose like cooking and lighting houses. Attempts are also being made to harness nuclear fission as a source of energy. Nuclear energy has plenty of potentials to cope with the current enormous demand for energy in our country. Along with the attempts to develop alternative sources of energy. The people of all the countries should make judicious use of energy. A balance should be struck between the use and generation of energy, otherwise, there will be crisis and shortage of energy.

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