Write A Paragraph on the Bad Effects of Plastic

essay on the bad effects of plastic

Write a paragraph (in about 120 words) on the bad effects of the use of plastic.

Hints: Non-biodegradable - soil fertility reduced - not cycled in eco-system automatically - make toxic - harm animal life - gas from burnt plastic - cause asthma, skin diseases, etc. - pollutes the air, water, and soil.


The excessive and indiscriminate use of plastic bags and carriers has given rise to a number of problems in our society these days. As we all know, plastic is a non-biodegradable substance. The articles made of plastic are mostly thrown indiscriminately by the roadside and these, as a result, choke the drains causing water-logging in cities and towns. The cultivation land and even water are made toxic which is much more dangerous for eco-system. This toxic substances harm animal life in the countryside as well. These also reduce the fertility of the land. The plastic articles are not cycled in the eco-system automatically and hence cannot be used again. The toxic substances cause air, water, and soil pollution and this lead to and result in the outbreak of the diseases and health hazards like asthma and skin cancer. Hence we all need to be careful about the use of plastic articles and substances.

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