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What is an Informal Letter?

An informal letter is that kind of letter where you can write something in a casual way. This means you are writing a letter for your close friends, family or relative, etc. All the non-professional letters are basically an informal letter. There are several ways to carry such a letter, sometimes it depends on which country you are in.

There is a basic format for writing an Informal Letter. If you want to write an informal letter these are the best way to write Informal Letters.

  1. Start with the Opening
  2. Write body text
  3. closing

Example of Informal Letter

This is an example of an informal letter. In this way, you can write an informal letter.
example of informal letter

What is the difference between formal and informal letter?

  • A formal letter requires a formal greeting while an informal does not.
  • An informal letter does not use formal language but a formal letter uses formal language.
So, there is a basic difference between formal and informal letters.

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