Write A Paragraph On The Importance Of Festivals

importance of festivals

Write a paragraph on the importance of Festivals.

Hints: Introduction lists of different festivals enjoyment during festivals conclusion.


The people of our country like all other countries of the world observe different festivals all around the year. Different festivals are held all around the year in our country. Festivals like Durga Puja, Christmas, Muharram, Id-ul-Fitr, Buddha Purnima, Ratha Yatra, and Janmasthami are observed with pomp and pleasure, gaiety and grandeur. Schools and colleges, courts and offices remain closed during festivals. People aged eight to eighty take part in the festival's whole-hearted. The rituals attached to and associated with each of the festivals are rightfully and solemnly observed. People are found dressed in colorful clothes. Children are, as usual, most enthusiastic of the lot. A variety of mouth-watering food is prepared and dished out on the occasion. Fairs and exhibitions are part of many festivals. Each of the festivals in our society comes as a whiff of fresh air giving a new or fresh lease of life to the people. People feel fresh and fine after enjoyment in great measure. In addition, festivals bring the people belonging to other castes, creeds, and colors together. This is, perhaps the greatest significance of these festivals.

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