Write A Paragraph On "Why Do I Want To Be A Doctor"

Write a paragraph in about 120 words on Why do I want to be a Doctor.

You may use the following hints.

Hints: what you wish to be when growing up - reasons for your choice - how it will benefit the society - source of inspiration for your choice.

Write A Paragraph On Why Do I Want To Be A Doctor


Like, everybody, I have cherished a dream in my life. My aim/dream/aspiration is to become a doctor/physician in the future. The reasons why I want and wish to be/become a doctor are many. First and foremost, the noble profession/occupation of a physician draws/attracts me more than any other professions I find people around me to follow/pursue. Needless to say, the professions of a physician will greatly benefit the people of our society particularly/especially the poor ones. Good and great doctors are really rare. Dutiful doctors are few and far between. The doctors who are selfless, devote and dedicated to the cause of service to the suffering and distressed people and patients in our society are numbered these days. As a young and energetic doctor, I would like to step in to fill up this void and vacuum created in the absence of good doctors. The late Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy Who himself was a legendary physician in terms of knowledge of medicine and devotion to this great profession, has always been my source and origin of inspiration. Him apart, my
parents who themselves are good and distinguished doctors have been the perennial source of inspiration and encouragement to me.

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