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your neighbours essay


Man being a social being can never live alone and is in constant need of getting help from and giving help to the people living next doors and around him. We are in close and cordial relationship with the people living in our neighborhood. We help and cooperate with one another whenever necessary. As such, fellow feeling has developed among the neighbors in our locality. We all participate in various social works and activities all around the year. We also arrange and organize different cultural functions and programs across the year such a Rabindra Jayanti, the celebration of Independence day and Republic day. We also arrange picnics and organize Saraswati Puja, Durga Puja, and Kali puja. Through all these programs a community feeling our neighbors has developed among all here in our neighborhood. I look upon our neighbors as good as our own family members. They also reciprocate similar feeling and gesture to me. Our neighborhood is nothing but an extended and larger family to me.

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