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How To Write a Summary | Step By Step Guide

How To write a summary
The word ‘’summary’ means a brief statement of the main points of a given passage. To make a summary of a passage is to shorten it by leaving out all the unnecessary details. But the main idea should be kept intact. In our age of sickening hurry, the importance of summary-writing can hardly be exaggerated. Now nobody has much time and patience to go through any lengthy piece of writing. He prefers any writing which is short and precise. Hence, summary-writing has become so important these days.
How To Make a Summery:
1.First read the passage through carefully for several times, if needed, to understand the main idea or ideas of it. 2.Write down the ideas and then arrange them logically. 3.Unnecessary details and repetitions should be avoided. 4.The direct form of narration can never be used. 5.The summary should read like a new and original piece of composition. See Also: How To Write A Letter See Also: How To Write A Notice Read the passage below carefully and write a su…

How To Write A Letter Writing | Step By Step Guide

What is Letter Writing?
A letter is a medium through which we communicate our thoughts and ideas to a person who is far away from us. Letter writing is very essential for us.
Letters fall into two main divisions - InformalFormal.

Informal letters include personal and private letters written to friends and relatives. Formal letters include academic (i.e., school or college) letters, letters to newspapers, official letters, etc.
In writing a private or personal letter, first, write your address and just under it the date in the top right-hand corner of the first page.
Then write the salutation (e.g., Dear Sri Sarkar, etc.) lower down at the left side of the page. Begin it with a capital letter and end with a comma.

Next, begin the body of the letter on the next lower line. The language of this part should be simple and direct. Write what you want to as directly and clearly as possible.
At the end of the letter write the subscription or words of leave-taking at the right side of the page with y…

How To Write A Notice | Step By Step Guide

A notice is an official intimation and information to the persons concerned. Notices may either he printed in the newspaper or put up on a notice-board or circulated among the persons concerned. Notices are generally of two types. The Public Notices are meant for the people in general. The other kind of notices is intended for a small and limited number of people. School-notices fall in the second category.
Use the present and the future tense. Passive Voice should be used in most cases. Mention the date either in the top right-hand corner of the page or at the bottom in the same corner. Try to include all the details with the help of minimum use of words. The language should be easy and clear.
So this is a few steps you have to follow them to write a notice. If you follow them you might feel it is very simple to write a notice. These 5 methods are for school, college and all those who really want to write a notice.

Write A Paragraph of 150 Words Describing 'How A Plant Grows'

Develop the following flow-chart into a paragraph of 150 words describing how a plant grows:Selection of a plot of land – digging and watering the bed – application of manure – a collection of seeds – sowing seeds – watering – coming up new shoots – removing weeds – foliage branches spreading.

How A Plant Grows
The growth of a plant involves several stages. Fast, a plot of land is selected. The land is next dug well with the help of the spade. The soil is ground into dust and manure both biological and the chemical is added to the soil. Then seeds are collected from the market and sown on the bed. A very thin layer of soil is put all over the bed. The bed is next covered with a layer of straw and watered either with a sprinkler or in some other way. After a few days, the cover is removed and new shoots would be found coming up. The growing weeds are then removed from time to time. Foliage branches are seen spreading and the plants start growing fast. At last, each of these saplings is t…

Write A Paragraph On 'The Man You Admire Most'

Write a paragraph in about 120 words on 'The Man You Admire Most'.

Name and identity of the person - your relationship with the person - the qualities that impress you most - difference from other people - his influence on you.

The Man You Admire Most
Of all the persons around, I am so fond of my father. He is the headmaster of a high school. My father is highly qualified and has noble qualities which have endeared him to many. First and foremost, he is honest and truthful to the backbone. He is true what is says and what he does. Secondly, my father is diligent and punctual. Hence whatever work he undertakes hardly leaves it undone and unfinished. Thirdly, my father is a kind considerate. He always offers his help and co-operation to those who are badly in need of it. Lastly, my living idol is a gentleman in the truest sense of the term.  The greatest difference between my father and the people around him is that they are not as devoted and dedicated to their job on har…

Write A Paragraph on 'Travelling As A Part Of Education'

Study the following information and write a paragraph within 150 words on 'Travelling as a part of education'.
Traveling increases and supplyments our knowledge, broadening our outlook by killing our narrowness, prejudices - contact with various people - helps the cause of national unity - develops resourcefulness - how to tide over unforeseen difficulties - helps in the future to struggling for existence.
Traveling As A Part Of Education
Man's curiosity to know the unknown and to see the unseen is eternal and inherent. He goes out for traveling to quench this thirst in him. Traveling increases and supplements men's knowledge about different things. It broadens the man's vision and outlook by killing his narrowness and prejudices. The traveler's mental horizon widens and broadens when he comes in contact with various people, their culture and customs. Traveling plays an important role in strengthening national unity and integrity of a country. It also makes trave…