How To Write A Letter Writing | Step By Step Guide

how to write a letter writing

What is Letter Writing?

A letter is a medium through which we communicate our thoughts and ideas to a person who is far away from us. Letter writing is very essential for us.

Letters fall into two main divisions -
  • Informal
  • Formal.

Informal letters include personal and private letters written to friends and relatives. Formal letters include academic (i.e., school or college) letters, letters to newspapers, official letters, etc.

In writing a private or personal letter, first, write your address and just under it the date in the top right-hand corner of the first page.

Then write the salutation (e.g., Dear Sri Sarkar, etc.) lower down at the left side of the page. Begin it with a capital letter and end with a comma.

formal and informal letter sample

Next, begin the body of the letter on the next lower line. The language of this part should be simple and direct. Write what you want to as directly and clearly as possible.

At the end of the letter write the subscription or words of leave-taking at the right side of the page with your signature under it.

The superscription contains the name and address of the addressee. It should be written very neatly.

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