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how to write a notice

A notice is an official intimation and information to the persons concerned. Notices may either he printed in the newspaper or put up on a notice-board or circulated among the persons concerned. Notices are generally of two types. The Public Notices are meant for the people in general. The other kind of notices is intended for a small and limited number of people. School-notices fall in the second category.

  1. Use the present and the future tense.
  2. Passive Voice should be used in most cases.
  3. Mention the date either in the top right-hand corner of the page or at the bottom in the same corner.
  4. Try to include all the details with the help of minimum use of words.
  5. The language should be easy and clear.

So this is a few steps you have to follow them to write a notice. If you follow them you might feel it is very simple to write a notice. These 5 methods are for school, college and all those who really want to write a notice.

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