How To Write a Summary | Step By Step Guide

How To write a summary

how to write a summary

The word ‘’summary’ means a brief statement of the main points of a given passage. To make a summary of a passage is to shorten it by leaving out all the unnecessary details. But the main idea should be kept intact. In our age of sickening hurry, the importance of summary-writing can hardly be exaggerated. Now nobody has much time and patience to go through any lengthy piece of writing. He prefers any writing which is short and precise. Hence, summary-writing has become so important these days.

How To Make a Summery:

1.       First read the passage through carefully for several times, if needed, to understand the main idea or ideas of it.
2.       Write down the ideas and then arrange them logically.
3.       Unnecessary details and repetitions should be avoided.
4.       The direct form of narration can never be used.
5.       The summary should read like a new and original piece of composition.

Read the passage below carefully and write a summary of it in about 60 words:

January 24, 1984, was a memorable day in Sudha’s life. Arrangements were made for her dance program at a big hall at Bombay. A huge audience was there to see her performance again after her traumatic experience. Melodious music filled the air as the curtain went up. Sudha was back on the stage. She forgot all about her accident and all about her artificial limb. Some mysterious power impelled Sudha to dance with the same form, style, and vivacity that characterized her. Quite a few learned for the first time from the next day’s newspaper that she was, in fact, dancing with an artificial leg.


January 24, 1984, was memorable to Sudha. After her traumatic experience, she once again danced before a huge audience in Bombay.

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