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Develop the following flow-chart into a paragraph of 150 words describing how a plant grows:

Selection of a plot of land – digging and watering the bed – application of manure – a collection of seeds – sowing seeds – watering – coming up new shoots – removing weeds – foliage branches spreading.

growing plants

How A Plant Grows

The growth of a plant involves several stages. Fast, a plot of land is selected. The land is next dug well with the help of the spade. The soil is ground into dust and manure both biological and the chemical is added to the soil. Then seeds are collected from the market and sown on the bed. A very thin layer of soil is put all over the bed. The bed is next covered with a layer of straw and watered either with a sprinkler or in some other way. After a few days, the cover is removed and new shoots would be found coming up. The growing weeds are then removed from time to time. Foliage branches are seen spreading and the plants start growing fast. At last, each of these saplings is transferred to new places.

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