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Write a paragraph in about 120 words on 'The Man You Admire Most'.


Name and identity of the person - your relationship with the person - the qualities that impress you most - difference from other people - his influence on you.

write a paragraph on the man you admire most

The Man You Admire Most

Of all the persons around, I am so fond of my father. He is the headmaster of a high school. My father is highly qualified and has noble qualities which have endeared him to many. First and foremost, he is honest and truthful to the backbone. He is true what is says and what he does. Secondly, my father is diligent and punctual. Hence whatever work he undertakes hardly leaves it undone and unfinished. Thirdly, my father is a kind considerate. He always offers his help and co-operation to those who are badly in need of it. Lastly, my living idol is a gentleman in the truest sense of the term.  The greatest difference between my father and the people around him is that they are not as devoted and dedicated to their job on hard as my father has always been. For all these reasons, he remains the greatest source of inspiration and encouragement to me. In the future, I would try my best to become as good and great as my beloved father has always been. For this, I need to be honest and sincere in my duties now.

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