Write A Paragraph on 'Travelling As A Part Of Education'

Study the following information and write a paragraph within 150 words on 'Travelling as a part of education'.

Traveling increases and supplyments our knowledge, broadening our outlook by killing our narrowness, prejudices - contact with various people - helps the cause of national unity - develops resourcefulness - how to tide over unforeseen difficulties - helps in the future to struggling for existence.

Traveling As A Part Of Education

Man's curiosity to know the unknown and to see the unseen is eternal and inherent. He goes out for traveling to quench this thirst in him. Traveling increases and supplements men's knowledge about different things. It broadens the man's vision and outlook by killing his narrowness and prejudices. The traveler's mental horizon widens and broadens when he comes in contact with various people, their culture and customs. Traveling plays an important role in strengthening national unity and integrity of a country. It also makes travelers very resourceful and practical. Traveling teaches them how to overcome difficult situations which come their way. Thus traveling prepares him in the future struggles of his life. Travelers get great pleasure when they enjoy wonderful sights and sounds of nature. Everybody should, therefore, be encouraged to go out for traveling.

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