Write A Paragraph On 'Modern Telecommunication'

Write a paragraph on 'Modern Telecommunication' using the given points.

Points: Introduction - means and medium of telecommunication - conclusion.

modern telecommunication paragraph writing

Modern Telecommunication

Telecommunication has brought about a revolution in the field of communication throughout the world. These generally apply to the sending of a message by telegraph, telegram, radio, television or radar. The first submarine telegraph cable connecting English and France came into being in 1850 and it was followed by Marconi's invention of wireless telegraphy in 1899. The Electro Magnetic telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. Satellite communication has become very common these days, thanks to the wonderful advancement of technology. It is the device of transmitting telephone and television signals covering long distances. The global satellite system of International Telecommunication Satelite Organization was founded in 1964 to establish a world wide system on a commercial basis. Television is the transmission of images or pictures of moving objects by radio. The credit of inventing this miracle and marvel of modern science and technology goes to J. L. Baird in 1926 and later the device was further developed in the subsequent years. A radar which is an abbreviation of radio detection and Ranging was first applied in 1940 in the U.S. navy. It is, in fact, the use of radio signals that man broadcasts. Radar has proved of great services in the spheres of marine navigation, meteorology, and astronomy. In addition, mobile phones, radio paging, electronic mail(Email); Voice mailand video conferencing have become immensely common and popular in our country now-a-days. Mobile telephone service in the country was introduced in the early eighties and has now become hugely popular offering stiff competition to fixed landlines. Cellular phones will be followed by advanced radio paging services which were first installed in Mumby in 1992. The rapid progress and advancement in the field of telecommunication has led to the comfort and economic growth of the people across the globe. It has indeed killed and conquered distance making the world of ours a global village.

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