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Write A Letter To The Headmaster Applying For Leave Of Absence

Leave Of Absence Letter To
The headmaster,
Bosco High School,
2914 Cross Street,
Remus, Michigan.


With due respect, I am to submit that I could not attend my classes from the 20th to the 25th of this month owing to my illness. I had been suffering from an acute attack of influenza during this period. I am not yet fully fit.
I would, therefore, request you to kindly grant me a leave of absence for these days only.

The doctor’s certificate attached hereto. 
4750 Grant Street,
Corsicana, Texas
15th October 2019.
I remain, Yours most obediently, “YOUR NAME” Class- VII, Sec. A Roll No. 5

Write A Letter To Your Local Police Station To Report The Missing Bi Cycle

Suppose you lost your bicycle. Write A letter to the O. C. of your Local Police Station, reporting the loss. Refer to the following points:
1. Date and time of the loss;
2. Name of the place where you lost the bicycle;
3. Trademark or name of the cycle;
5. The number and condition of the cycle.


The Officer-in-Charge,
Goa Police Station
Goa, India.


I beg to state that I lost my bicycle on the 3rd of this month at about five in the evening. I lost in from the market near the Amara Bus Stand of the city. Mine was a new Hercules cycle bought only one month ago. Its number 865037. I am, needless to say, terribly unhappy having lost the bi-cycle.
I would, therefore, earnestly request you to kindly investigate into the matter and inform me if the bi-cycle in found.
Thanking you,

61, Ram Nagar Colony,
Goa, India.
October 15, 2019 Yours faithfully, “YOUR NAME”

Acknowledgement For School Project In Hindi

This is an example of an Acknowledgement for a school project in Hindi. you can directly copy the Hindi text and paste on your school project.
Sample 1.
मैं अपने शिक्षक / शिक्षकों (शिक्षक / शिक्षकों का नाम), मेरे प्रिंसिपल (प्रिंसिपल का नाम) के प्रति आभार व्यक्त करना चाहता हूं जिन्होंने मुझे यह अवसर दिया और इस विषय पर इस विषय के लिए मुझे चुना (विषय नाम का उल्लेख करें), जो भी मुझे इस विशेष विषय पर सभी शोध करने में मदद करें और अब मैंने खुशी से कहा कि मैं कई नई चीजें सीखता हूं जो इस अद्भुत परियोजना के लिए संभव हैं और मैं वास्तव में उनके लिए आभारी हूं।
मैं अपने माता-पिता और दोस्तों का भी बहुत आभारी हूं जो इस परियोजना को पूरा करने और सही निर्णय लेने में बहुत मदद करते हैं।