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Write A Letter To Your Local Police Station To Report The Missing Bi Cycle
the Missing Bicycle

Suppose you lost your bicycle. Write A letter to the O. C. of your Local Police Station, reporting the loss. Refer to the following points:

1. Date and time of the loss;
2. Name of the place where you lost the bicycle;
3. Trademark or name of the cycle;
5. The number and condition of the cycle.


The Officer-in-Charge,
Goa Police Station
Goa, India.


I beg to state that I lost my bicycle on the 3rd of this month at about five in the evening. I lost in from the market near the Amara Bus Stand of the city. Mine was a new Hercules cycle bought only one month ago. Its number 865037. I am, needless to say, terribly unhappy having lost the bi-cycle.

I would, therefore, earnestly request you to kindly investigate into the matter and inform me if the bi-cycle in found.

Thanking you,

61, Ram Nagar Colony,
Goa, India.
October 15, 2019
Yours faithfully,

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