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What Is The Full Form Of NSDC - Mcqanswer

Full form of NSDC
What is the full form of NSDC?
Answer: National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC)

When was NSDC started?
Answer: NSDC was started on 31 July 2008.
Brief Summary: National Skill Development Corporation or NSDC is a non-profit public related company. NSDC was started its journey for promoting skill development on a large scale and funding in vocational training institutes to build a good working space. They are working on skills development, build manpower, grow the private sector of India. Their mission is to develop the Indian economy by providing working-level training and education.
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OK Full Form - General Knowledge for all students

What is the full form of OK?
Ok is a word. It is used to say your agreement or appreciate, approve something or accept. many people asked a common question, what is the full form of OK? they don't know that it is an English word. Sometimes we write the word, OK and sometimes it is Okey.

Far in history, the word OK comes out in 1839. and after day to day OK becomes a very popular and common English word.

Write A Letter To Your Friend Regarding The Independence Day Celebration In Your School

Study the information given below regarding the Independence Day Celebration in your school. Then write a letter to your friend in about 190 words about it.
Date-place-time-participant-, president and chief guest-other guests-flag hosting-speeches-patriotic songs-recitations-closing ceremony. 
 Your Address & Date. 
My dear Indranil,

We observed India’s 73rd Independence Day at our school with great pomp and pleasure. On the day, we, the students went to school early in the morning dressed in our school uniform. We stood in rows in the school campus which was nicely decorated with small flags and festoons. The honorable minister for secondary education of West Bengal, took the chair while the D.I. of our district was present as the guest-in-chief on the occasion. There were also many distinguished guests and guardians there. The national flag was hoisted by the president. All saluted the flag and sang our national anthem in chorus. These were followed by speeches, patriotic songs,…