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Drug Addiction Essay

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is posing a serious problem in the present century in our country. Many students are taking drugs on an everyday basis. For that reason, students are survive so many major health issues. Some people are doing many criminal activities just for drugs.  Morphine, heroin, hashish, cocaine, opium, and L.S.D. are some forms of drugs. The number of drug addicts in our country is, at present, more than 3,00,000. And what is more alarming, the figure may be a staggering 15 million at the end of the present century. Drug addiction has very bad effects on the addict. As a result of it, his body weight drops considerably, the skin turns yellow, his desire for food and sleep is lost and he looks as thin as a skeleton. The drug addict, thus, slowly but surely approaches death. As for the solution to this grave problem, there is no complete cure for drug addicts of any age. The one and only remedy for it is to raise the slogan: 'Beware of Drugs', to make people aware of its danger.

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