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Benefits of Using a Good English Dictionary

As we read and write anything in English, we often come across new and unknown words and phrases. Then it becomes necessary to consult an English dictionary for knowing their proper meaning. Thus the English reader gets familiar with more number of new words and phrases. There are some dictionaries that help the reader only to know the pronunciations and the meaning of words. But there are a few good English Dictionaries such as 'Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary for current English' by H.S. Hornby and also 'Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary' which is not only provide the English meaning of the words but also the more important usage. The usages of words are no less important than their meanings. These usages play a huge role in enabling and facilitating the learner to learn the language better. Uses and applications make things more clear for the learner. By these, he has a better understanding of the words. Having learnt the usages of words, he gets interested in using and playing them in his writings as well as speeches. Thus the consulting a good English dictionary has always much fairly necessary for learning the language.


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