Write a Paragraph about 'Importance of Cleanliness'

Importance of Cleanliness

There goes a proverb ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ cleanliness is a great virtue. But in our society, this great virtue is generally given little importance too. Public places such as bus -stands, railway stations, public toilets, markets, etc., are normally kept unclean. People who are entrusted with the job of keeping these places clean are most cases careless about their duties. As a result, bad smell comes out of dirt the accumulating in these please all the time, and these became ideal places for spreading germs causing different diseases. Nobody can deny the importance of clean habits. These only can give us a healthy body and mind. But we cannot ensure good health and environment unless we have the desire for having them. First, we need to set our mind-set right and then only can we have what we want --good healthy, and cleaner surroundings. Individual civic seance together with (or, coupled with) public consciousness is absolutely required to make sure that we have a cleaner and better environment than we find ourselves in at present.


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