Write a Paragraph About ‘Morning Walk and its Health Benefits’

Morning Walk 

Morning walk has these days been a very popular form of exercise with the health-conscious people of our society. Hence morning walk has become a common sight in open parks and playgrounds. A morning walker has invariably to be an early riser. Around sunrise, he or she comes out of home wearing dresses required for this form of exercise. The refreshingly pure morning air that the walker breather in given him a new and fresh leave of life. He or she may have some stretching and freehand exercises. Then the walker starts walking all alone or in company with other fellow walkers. To begin with, the walker walks slowly and then picks up speed. He or she ends up sweating. The morning walk has a lot of benefits. It keeps one physically fit. There is good blood circulation in the walker’s body. One has better digestion of food and hence one’s appetite increases. The walker enjoys a profound sleep at night. Morning walk is a good exercise for people suffering from diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, and other diseases. Another important aspect of the morning walk is that it gives a good start to the walker’s day’s work. It also keeps him or her mentally fit. It brings the walkers in close proximity to nature. This is the reason why this form of exercise is gaining ground and getting increasingly popular with people these days. 


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