Write a Paragraph on 'The Important of Reading Newspapers'

The Important of Reading Newspapers

Man's curiosity to know what is happening around him is intrinsic and inherent. Reading of the newspaper quenches this thirst for knowledge as such. The newspaper brings the entire world to our doors as well as drawing rooms. As we go through the pages of the newspaper we come to know what had exactly happened and what is just going to happen now. By reading newspapers we can keep ourselves abreast with the largest political and administrative changes and upheavals across the country and even abroad. We can also get information about the current discoveries made by scientists, awards received by eminent persons, tests conducted by scientists, and expeditions made by explorers and astronauts. We can also know from the newspaper the news on games and sports, weather reports, local to national and international incidents, and lastly the information about films and theatres. The editorials and the letters to the editor throw light on current issues and help from public opinion. In addition to these, the supplementarity includes articles dealing with a number of topics such as health and hygiene, film and theatre, culture and education, industry and cultivation add to our knowledge. Lastly, newspapers provide a golden opportunity for young readers to improve their language skills. Thus the newspaper has become an integral and inseparable part of our life today.


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