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Write a Letter to a Friend About How You Will Spend the Coming Winter Vacation

Most of India is a hot season country. However, in some states, it is cold most of the time. For that, they enjoy the summer, not the winter. Because of its temperature. Schools and colleges are closed for a month in winter. Students stay home for the winter vacation. For the upcoming winter season, a friend writes a letter to his friend informing him of his plans for the winter vacation.Kamarpukur, Hooghly, 02. 10.19 My dear Sanjay,                 I am already in receipt of your sweet note. You have wanted to know how I will spend the coming short winter vacation. During this time, I will not go out on any trip. I intend to make the best use of the time because it is going to be the only vacation before the important Madhyamik Examination. I will concentrate whole-heartedly on my studies. I will devote much time to Geography and Mathematics in which I am very weak. On 25th December I may go out for a picnic. This is how I intend to spend the time. But what about your plans and progr…

Write a Letter To a Friend About an Excursion

An old friend recently travels to many places in Odisha. When he returns from Odisha he writes a brief letter to his friend and shares all his travel experiences through writing.Beldanga, Murshidabad,08,09,2002 My dear Arpan,                I, along with the students of our school, went on an educational tour to puri during the last puja vacation. We went there by train and some of our teachers accompanied us. We put up at the puri Hotel there. On the first day of our stay there, we spent the evening on the beach looking out at the roaring sea in front. The next day we went to visit the holy temple of Jagannath Dev which is one of the greatest pilgrimages of the Hindus. Sree Chaitanyadev spent the last days of his life here. One day we went on a conducted tour to visit the interesting places around Puri like Udagiri and Khandagiri, Konark and Bhubaneswar. The art and architecture of these places completely captured our minds. During our stay at Puri. We had a pleasant bath in the sea …

Acknowledgement In Hindi for Student Project

According to Google translate, acknowledgment means 'acceptance of the truth or existence of something', or 'recognition of the importance or quality of something'. That means recognition. Acknowledgment is used to write letters or prepares projects for your study or some research paper.But if you have a project in Hindi and if you are searching for an acknowledgment then here you can find it. See the below."मैं अपने शिक्षक (इस जगह शिक्षक का नाम) के प्रति अपना सम्मान व्यक्त करना चाहूंगा। उन्होंने मुझे ऐसा करने दिया (इस जगह का प्रोजेक्ट नाम) प्रोजेक्ट। मैं इसके लिए आभारी हूं। इस परियोजना के माध्यम से मैं बहुत सारे ज्ञान प्राप्त करने में सक्षम रहा हूं। अगर मैं शायद एक दिन नहीं जानता होता अगर मैं यह प्रोजेक्ट नहीं करता। इसके साथ मैं अपने माता-पिता को बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद देना चाहता हूं। क्योंकि यह प्रोजेक्ट उनकी मदद के बिना पूरा नहीं हो सकता था। मुझे आने वाले दिनों में इस राष्ट्रीय परियोजना पर काम करने का मौका मिलने की उम्मीद है। धन्यवाद।"

Write a Letter of Your Friend Inviting him to Your Birthday

A friend feels bored. His birth date is coming closer. For that, a friend writes a letter to his friend and inviting him to his birthday. Because he wants to enjoy the party with his close friends. Bandipur,North 24-Parganas,September 5, 2020My dear Raktim,                   It is a long since I heard from you last. I hope this will find you all hale and hearty. However, you will be glad to learn that my fifteenth birthday will come off on Friday next. Last year you could not join my birthday party owing to your illness and then I  missed you greatly. This year also I most heartily invite you to attend my birthday party without fail. I have also invited some of my fast friends. They have assured me that they will definitely come. I do hope you will not disappoint me this time. I will be eagerly waiting for you. My parents too expect you very much on this happy occasion.
With sincere love and best wishes, Your loving friend,SuprioRaktim RoyVill. Habibpur (beside Kali Temple),P.O. & D…

Write a Letter to Your Friend About How You Spent the Last Puja Vacation

A friend shares his Puja experience during Durga Puja in West Bengal. Kolkata, West Bengal is the home of Durga Puja. More than ten thousands of Pandals and Pujas happened every year. People are come from all around the world. A friend writes a letter to his friend and shares his Puja Vacation.Bangaon,North 24 Parganas,October 7, 2019 My dear Soumita,                 I have already received your letter. I am happy to learn that you had a happy time at home during the just-ended puja vacation. I also had a nice time during the pujas. The peak period of my pleasure and enjoyment was during the four days of the Durga Puja festival. I, along with my parents, went round our town visiting almost all the puja pandals. They were nicely decorated as well as illuminated. Then I went to my maternal uncle’s house at Budge Budge for a few days. I came back before Diwali and enjoyed this festival of lights by bursting crackers and illuminating my house. During the vacation, I read Rabindranath who …

Write a Letter to Your Friend About Your Plans for Spending the Recess After Your Madhyamik Examination

In India, every Madhyamik Students get 3 months' of recess after exams. They are mostly doing what they love to do in this period of time. A friend writes a letter to his friend and discusses his plans for spending the recess. 479 Goldleaf Lane Clemson, South California, 29632 Dear Lee,I have received your sweet note just now. You want to know how I will spend a long period of time after the coming Madhyamik Examination. I have already decided to spend the time very fruitfully. You must have heard that the Higher Secondary for science is very hard. I, therefore, intend to study some portion of the science subjects in advance. It will surely help me understand them better in my future course of study. Besides this, I shall read Rabindranath who is my favourite writer. I will also take physical exercises regularly to regain my lost health. This is how I intend to utilize valuable time. Let me know in your next letter how you want to spend the time. With love and good wishes, Your Ever Sa…

Write a Letter to Your Friend Encouraging Him to Don't Lose Hope in illness

Suppose one of your friends is suffering from some serious ailments. He has lost all hopes and thinks his future is sealed. Write a letter encouraging him within 120 words. You may cite the instances of Sudha Chandran and Ram Kumar, a leprosy patient.

115 Stonecoal Road, Mansfield, OH, Ohio, 44902 My dear Mark, 
                 Your letter is just to hand. I am terribly unhappy to learn that you have lost all hopes in life having been attacked with several serious ailments like piles and jaundice. But you should not be so depressed and frustrated about life. In the country, you should stop worrying and start living. There are hundreds of instances of homeless persons who have overcome their physical problems and got back hope and happiness in life. Sudha and Ram Kumar are the two good and glaring examples who fought with determination to surmount their serious problems in life. So please don’t lose heart and obey the advice of the physician. You will surely come round in due course.
More a…

Write a Letter to Your Friend about Independence Day Celebration in Your School

Independence Day celebration in your school writes a letter to your friend in about 150 words about it.

Bawali South 24-Parganas, 14,10,20.My dear Indranil,
               We observed India’s 73rd Independence Day at our school with great pomp and pleasure. On the day, we, the students went to school early in the morning dressed in our school uniform. We stood in rows in the school campus which was nicely decorated with small flags and festoons. The honorable Minister for Secondary Education of West Bengal, took the chair white the D.I. of our district was present as the guest-in- chief on the occasion. There were also many distinguished guests and guardians there. The National Flag was hoisted by the president. We all saluted the flag and sang our national anthem in chorus. This was followed by speeches, patriotic songs, and recitations in the big hall of our school. The students and the teachers participated in them. At last, the president and the chief guest made brief but stirring s…

Write a Letter to Your Friend Congratulating him on his Brilliant Success in the Exam

A friend of yours has passed the Madhyamik Examination. The merit list has just been published. He has stood seventh in order of merit. Write a letter congratulating him on his brilliant success in the examination.

Vill. &P.O. Ghoshdiha,Dist. Midnapore,July 7,2002.My dear Lily,
           I most happily extend you my heartiest congratulations on your glorious performance in the last Madhyamik Examination. According to the merit list which has just been published, you have secured the seventh position in the examination with letters in seven subjects. I anticipated that a highly talented boy of your class and caliber would surely achieve a splendid success. But what you have done has frankly far exceeded my expectations. I along with my parents felt great pride when we found your name and the photo of your smiling face in one of the leading dailies. I do hope you will do equally well or even better in your very important Higher Secondary course. Now let me inform you about my result.…

Write a Letter to Your Friend Advising him to Consult a Good Doctor

Your friend is ill and you are anxious about him. Now, write a letter to your friend advising him to consult a good doctor, to take medicines prescribed by him, and to take rest.

4864 Gregory Lane,LouisvilleKentucky, 4022013 October 2020Dear Peter,                   I am extremely unhappy and worried to learn that you have fallen ill seriously. Your Text Examination is not very far away. So, you must be very careful about your ill health. You should immediately consult a good doctor and obey his advice. You must take medicines to be prescribed by the physician and take complete rest for a few days. You need not bother much about your studies right at this moment. If you try to study now, your recovery would be delayed. Your parents, too, must be very anxious about your failing health. However, I want to meet you very soon. I pray to God for your speedy recovery.
With love and good wishes, 
Truly yoursJohnPeter Bond
4755 Glen Street,Magnolia,Kentucky, 42757

Write a Paragraph about 'Annual School Sports'

Annual School SportsSchool sports are an essential and integral and integral part of a school. The annual school sports are held once a year generally in winter months. We also had our annual sports on 15 January last year. They were held on our big and beautiful green school playground which was nicely decorated and also marked out for this occasion. Before the final rounds, heats were held to reduce the number of participants. There were different sports events like long jumps, cycle races, oranges, and relay races. Javelin and discus throws and others. But the most excellent and exciting of all the events was the relay race in which the intermediate Grope became champions. And the most interesting event was the tug- of -war between the teachers and the taught in which the latter won but not easily. The go-as- you -like an event at the end also greatly delighted everybody. The spectators encouraged the participants and the winners were loudly cheered up by all as they stood on the v…

Write a Paragraph About ‘Morning Walk and its Health Benefits’

Morning Walk Morning walk has these days been a very popular form of exercise with the health-conscious people of our society. Hence morning walk has become a common sight in open parks and playgrounds. A morning walker has invariably to be an early riser. Around sunrise, he or she comes out of home wearing dresses required for this form of exercise. The refreshingly pure morning air that the walker breather in given him a new and fresh leave of life. He or she may have some stretching and freehand exercises. Then the walker starts walking all alone or in company with other fellow walkers. To begin with, the walker walks slowly and then picks up speed. He or she ends up sweating. The morning walk has a lot of benefits. It keeps one physically fit. There is good blood circulation in the walker’s body. One has better digestion of food and hence one’s appetite increases. The walker enjoys a profound sleep at night. Morning walk is a good exercise for people suffering from diabetes, blood…

Write a Paragraph about the greatest Indian Cricketer 'Virat Kohli'

Virat KohliKing Kohli is the kohl on the eyes of Indian cricket. He has been an outstanding batsman and is being rated as the best in the business in world cricket in present. Virat Kohli was born on November 5, 1988, at New Delhi to Prem Kohli and Saroj Kohli. He is nick-named Cheeku. He grew up in Delhi and studied at st. Sofia School in Paschim Vihar, Delhi. Virat lived in Uttam Nagar and got his initial cricket training in the west Delhi cricket academy since 1998. He also used to play matches for Sumit Dogra academy in the Vasundhara enclave near Noida. Virat was the caption of the Indian under 19 cricket world cup team. The world cup was played in Malaysia in 2008. Virat was instrumental in the victory of the Indian team. He represented Delhi in the Ranji trophy for the first time in 2006. Virat came to limelight when he scored 90 runs to save Delhi from follow-on in the match against Karnataka on December 19, 2006. On the same date, his father had passed at 3 am. Due to brain s…

Write a Paragraph about 'Importance of Cleanliness'

Importance of CleanlinessThere goes a proverb ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ cleanliness is a great virtue. But in our society, this great virtue is generally given little importance too. Public places such as bus -stands, railway stations, public toilets, markets, etc., are normally kept unclean. People who are entrusted with the job of keeping these places clean are most cases careless about their duties. As a result, bad smell comes out of dirt the accumulating in these please all the time, and these became ideal places for spreading germs causing different diseases. Nobody can deny the importance of clean habits. These only can give us a healthy body and mind. But we cannot ensure good health and environment unless we have the desire for having them. First, we need to set our mind-set right and then only can we have what we want --good healthy, and cleaner surroundings. Individual civic seance together with (or, coupled with) public consciousness is absolutely required to make…