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Write a Letter to Your Friend About Your Plans for Spending the Recess After Your Madhyamik Examination

In India, every Madhyamik Students get 3 months' of recess after exams. They are mostly doing what they love to do in this period of time. A friend writes a letter to his friend and discusses his plans for spending the recess.
479 Goldleaf Lane
Clemson, South California,

Dear Lee,

I have received your sweet note just now. You want to know how I will spend a long period of time after the coming Madhyamik Examination. I have already decided to spend the time very fruitfully. You must have heard that the Higher Secondary for science is very hard. I, therefore, intend to study some portion of the science subjects in advance. It will surely help me understand them better in my future course of study. Besides this, I shall read Rabindranath who is my favourite writer. I will also take physical exercises regularly to regain my lost health. This is how I intend to utilize valuable time. Let me know in your next letter how you want to spend the time. 

With love and good wishes,
Your Ever
Sam Johnson
Samuel Lee,
4199 Tibbs Avenue
Fairview, Montana,

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