Essay on The Role of Media in a Democracy

Essay on the role of media in a democracy

The Role of Media in A Democracy

The political system in India is closed in Spirit to the model of liberal democracy in the constitution of India the power of the Legislature, executive, and judiciary have been thoroughly demarcated. the party system in operation is a competitive one with the flexibility of roles of Government and opposition. There is also freedom of the press under the Constitution of India, 1950. Indian democracy has always attached attention worldwide and has made Scholars ponder over the secret of its success considerable odds. In India diversity is almost everywhere and it is not a developed nation. The role of media in India, the largest democracy of the world is different from merely disseminating information and entertainment. Educating and informing the masses for their social upliftment, progress, and development to be in its Ambit as well. In a country where there is large-scale poverty, unemployment, and underdevelopment media has a responsibility towards developmental journalism. It has a role to play behind the formation of public opinion which can force the political parties to address the core issues hunting the country's progress. Media helps in concealing the facts and project doctored ideas to influence the electorate and thereby the voting outcome. Values like objectivity and truthfulness in the presentation of news and ideas can be totally done away with. Media ads as an interface between the common man and the government. It is a very powerful tool with the ability to make and break the opinion of people. If the media tells the public that this picture is being demanded as one of the most wanted terrorists, people would regard him as one blindly. As an instrument of social change, economic progress, and moral development it should uphold certain values and principles. On concluding all the above facts, we can say that media plays an important role in Indian democracy by concealing the truth back to citizens which influences our decision to choose our representative government or we can say personality by whom we want to be governed. Though sometimes there were cases that media is not performing its duty properly become so-called paid media but we can't submit a strong argument on the basis of some rare cases that the whole media is not truthful in its duty. We can't blame the whole media because of some media persons for journalists engaged in corrupt activities play the dirty game of minting money from people by misuse of media. Media is an important part of our lives and it's impossible to lead a life without media.

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