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Garbage on Road


The Editor

The Telegraph

6, Prafulla Sarkar St.

Kolkata – 700001

Subject: Complaint against throwing of garbages on road


                With due respect, I would like to be columned in your reputed daily for loading a complaint about the above-mentioned subject. However, we become boastful of a greener and cleaver city the road, lanes, alleys all together alas! put up a picture that’s absolutely a contrast to it. The corporation elements duly arrive in the turn to swipe out the garbages by the road on their carts. They do blow whistles to arouse people for talking the inside litters. But a few slumbered fellow fail to listen to their blow and have their bins out on the open road in the late hours. The street dogs make a ruck-us over these orts. Also, the scaver birds do allot them everywhere that not only stenches but become a buzzing spree for the flies. To every beauty-prone citizen, it’s not only a botheration but they find it hard to live also. Several diseases are coming up out of thrown garbages that remain uncleaned till the next morning. The municipal corporation set out a fine against this dysfunction but lack of overseer has turned their vigilance into voice. If my staff draws their attention over this issue with resumable propersity through your daily I shall be grateful to your forever.


                                                                                                                                                                Sanjay Basak.

28rd Nov, 2020


Kolkata - 700054


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