Write a Letter to the Editor of a Newspaper complaining against the Price rise of daily Commodities

Letter Writing to the editor of the Newspaper about rise in daily commodities


The Editor,

The Statesman,

Kolkata - 700001

Subject: Price rise of daily commodities.

I would like to draw your kind attention of the concerned authority through your daily newspaper to the issue of price rise of daily commodities.  This has undoubtedly caused great hardship to the common people.

 It has been observed during the last few weeks that the price of very common items like onion potato Chili and other things have soared up.  It is unthinkable that potato sales at rupees 10 per kilo,  Chile at rupees 60 per kilo,  onion at rupees 50 per kilo, and so on.  Even the price of essential life-saving drugs has become double.  The hoarders and the dishonest traders have been fleecing the poor and middle-class people.  It is really unfortunate that the central budget has aggravated the situation.  The Railway fare is increased and it has a grave impact on the market price.

 Very recently some parties have organized a protest movement against the culprits.  But these steps are not enough.  The government should tackle the situation before it goes out of control.

Yours faithfully,

Suparna Chakraborty

Kamrahat, Nodia.




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