Write a Letter to Your Friend and Tell Him that You are Leaving School

Letter Writing - you are leaving school

You are going to leave school within a very short time. You have enjoyed your school life for a long period. You remember the days full of joys as well as full sorrows. You have the same grievances, too.

December 9, 2020

My dear Kalyan, 

              Today I attended my classes for the last time at school. I feel extremely sad at the moment. Many memories - sweet and sad crowd my mind. My heart leaps with joy when I reminisce and remember happy moments and occasions at school during different cultural programmes, annual sports and annual prize-distribution ceremonies. My heart becomes heavy with sorrow at the thought of the premature death of one of our favourite teachers who loved me so dearly. I more often than not

Harboured grievances against the food at the hostel which did not suit me. But now I want to forget them all. I only feel terribly depressed at the thought that I will no longer be here as a student.

With love, 

I am, Sincerely yours, 


Kalyan Basu

Co-operative Colony,

P.O. Rahara,

Dt. North 24-Parganas. 

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