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Sister Nivedita

Hints: Sister Nivedita was born-after studies - teacher - melt Swami Vivekananda - life changed -became her disciple - renamed came to India - spread education among women - her works - death.

Sister Nivedita

Sister Nivedita was born on October 28, 1867, in Danganon in Ireland. Her real name is Margaret Elizabeth Noble. Her father's name was Samuel Richmond Noble and her mother's name was Mary Isabel Hamilton. After completion of her studies, she took the profession of a teacher. In this time she felt the suffers from distressed people and tried to help them. In the meantime, she met Swami Vivekananda in London. After the meeting, she changed and became the disciple of Vivekananda and was renamed Sister Nivedita. Then she came to India with Swamiji and began to serve humanity and spread education among women. She wrote a lot of books like 'The Master as I saw him', 'Notes of some wondering with Swami Vivekananda'. This noble lady died on 13 October 1911.

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