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Create Awareness about Harmful Effects of Mobile Phone


The Editor,

USA Today

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Subject: Creation of awareness of frequent access to mobile phones.


Hope the bright subject would bring a little favor to me to get your kind attention with an expectation to create a mass awareness over the issue through your circulation. Apparently, cell phones are sleek gadgets. But the tiny device is a veritable source of health hazards for its user and non-users as well. And for the upcoming youth, it's around the clock companion. Even while driving cars on crossing road or moving either side over railway track they keep the device tapped to their ears that often bring immature finiteness to their lives that could have been well-budded in the days ahead. Not only they, but even the adults also adhere to this for a whopping part of the day. The symptoms that are growing are absent-mindedness, lethargy to work, chronic cardiac problems, eyes problems and to name a lot. Not only men but the waves of towers set for activating local networks do hamper the breeding habit of the avian species. Therefore it's not much late that we have switched to a slothful path of extinction. We can get out of the mire of hazards if our souls have reverberated with awareness from humanists.

Yours etc.

Ram Gopal Chanda


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