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Newspaper Reading

Points: Give news, views, pictures on local, national international events, spelling, sentence, speed improved, increase knowledge.


                                                                                                                                                                P.O. Tarakeswar



Dear Sunita,

                In your last staff you were akin to know whether reading newspaper has any ‘well to do’ in this age of electronics media and internet. Well, I think it has more than you know with your queries. It mean ‘newspaper’ produces first hand news round the country and abroad. We are served the news of politics, formation of new govt. and its statistics. It contains news of games and sports to which most people droll over. Comes the news of daily weather updates or any forthcoming natural calamity. A newspaper scoops astrological prediction, price of essential cummodities, agriculture, health and what not. The benefit of acquiring G.K. one can have out of reading newspaper. Besides a newspaper is a platform for the advertisers to post merits and demerits of their products. Again if your staff be an ‘English’ daily you are gonna get extra advantage of learning language therefore newly cropped up words. Even release of latest movies, talk to the critics, Publication of books and the opinion of the viewers lines the columns that you can now an eye for. Therefore the sooner you get to practice of habit of reading newspaper the better you shall be. Call me later.

                                                                                                                                                                                Your friend


Devayan Basak

C/o, S.C. Basak

18/B/1 A, Maniktolla Main Road,

Kolkata - 700011

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