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Physical Exercise

The Usefulness of Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is a vital means of making our physical fit and fine. It's just for good health. Health generally means a sound state of mind and body owning Joy of living. It's key to happiness. But good health is not achieved without regular exercise. Through practicing exercise our body gets more active than before. The organs become flexible. Yoga and freehand exercise make our body muscles strengthened. Thus inbuild the immune system of the body aroused. It enables the body to fight against diseases. On the other power of enhancement is developed. Now exercises are of both kinds - simple and strenuous, walking, and swimming belong to the first category while 'pranayams' fall for the latter. But both exercise provides immense benefits to us. In the age of toil and stress if we should practice 'exercise' we would have composure - a lot. Another kind of exercise in this context is worthy to be remarkable i.e. 'Meditation'. It is beneficial for gaining concentration and accumulating self-energy. If the body is a temple, the exercises are worship we need to perform.

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