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Experience a Train Journey

Destination - Purpose of the journey - the name of the train and starting station - description of the station - description of the inside of the compartment - scene outside the train - the time of arrival - feeling.

Your Experience of a Train Journey

In the last puja vacation, father took us all to Puri on a yearly excursion. On 5ht October last we dropped our luggage and carrier at the platform of Howrah station at about 7 pm. We were to catch the Jagannath Express on which we had had a reservation, earlier we got to our seats. I was lucky enough to get a lower berth for I am fond of viewing the outside whenever onboard a train. In our compartment, different people of different communities got into. The train's wheels chugged down the platform as the engine whistled blew. Soon after leaving the platform the train speed up and the rhythmic survey seemed almost a lullaby to me. Though it was night so the outside was nothing worthy of a view. The train paid its first half at Kharagpur with its half the vendors of varied articles filed past the compartment with their selling cry. We had our dinner but not before 10. I don't know why I become Tea buddy as soon as I get on board the train. So my mom had her thermos flask ready. The dim light of the compartment let me think of a journey through dreamy ways and unwittingly I fell asleep. As I woke up jerking at my feet from my sister I saw we were still swaying. That is our journey had not come to an end. I turned my face towards the windows and a gust of refreshing morning air and my face a mashed be ruffling my hair. Nature has dropped her night curtain and the majestic mountain and rocks and trees and green fields att seemed to be our competition for their apparent running with us. We drew into Puri and it was a Bon voyage to me.

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