Write an Essay on A Boat Journey

A Boat Journey

A Boat Journey

A journey, especially a long journey by boat, gives me an adventurous appeal with the newness of the experience. It appears to be tedious to many, but in most cases, it depends upon the circumstances in which it is undertaken. 

During my last summer vacation, I went to my friend's house at Bongaon to stay there for a few days. There I had my first exciting experience of a journey by boat. One day my friend requested his father to go to the 'Sat Bhai Champa Kalitala' by boat. His father complied with his request and began to arrange for the proposed journey. But I did not agree to go with them. I became nervous because I had no experience of a journey by boat. In addition to that, I did not know how to swim. But my friend and his parents seemed fearless. They were used to it from their childhood. So they began to encourage me to shed all my fears. At last, they almost dragged me to the riverside. Then we hired a boat from Mahiganga Ghat and sailed down the Ichhmati. It was a colorful scene when the boatman loosened the boat from its mooring and set the sail. Slowly a grand scene of endless variety stretched out before my eyes. There was a wind and the river was not quite calm; therefore, there was a slight rolling and pitching of the boat. Naturally, I was getting nervous but my friend assured me that the boat was absolutely safe. Then I began to enjoy the scenic beauty of the village dotted on either side. I also watched many fishing boats here and there. The fisherman was catching fish in mid-stream. The boats seemed to be the part of the vast painting in watercolor. After a while, the wind became stronger. Then the boat gained a better speed. When we reached the Kalitala Ghat it was already dark. We got down from the boat and went to the Kali Temple to see 'Sandhya Arati'. We stayed there at night and the next morning we started and returned back to Bangaon. The sweet memory of this boat-journey will linger long in my heart. 

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