What is Disk Operating System (DOS)


Disk Operating System

When Personal Computers were marketed for the first time by IBM, its operating system was named PC DOS (personal Computer Disk Operating System). This operating system was developed by Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft named it MS-DOS. This OS is known as PCDOS, MS-DOS, or only DOS.

This operating system is a relatively small one and is capable of managing a stand-alone personal computer with a single user. The operating system DOS has undergone several changes since its inception. The DOS program is given a version number by the developer to underline the changes. There are changes from one version to the next one. 

DOS has a command language for user interactivity. This language for human interaction is named DOS command language. To store and retrieve the data and program of the user in the secondary storage, the DOS maintains a file-system. In order to work under DOS, the user must understand the file system and the command language.

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