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English in Education

English in Education

English has been introduced by foreign rulers. They wanted to educate a certain section of society to make a group of obedient servants. But the education could not remain confined to a few persons only. More and more persons started to learn and master the English language. Some learned persons after getting the proper education tried their best to spread education among the mass. A few foreigners with a humanitarian outlook also extended their co-operation in spreading the education of the language across the country. People of the country got access to the most developed knowledge in science and technology together with other subjects, through the English language. As a result, the renaissance was possible. The countrymen got immensely inspired to do something purposeful.

As a matter of fact, the people of the country became conscious of the harmful effects of foreign rule and the revolutionary movement took sails as a direct result of English education. After independence English began to be taught at schools and other educational institutions. There were occasions when voices were raised against the study of English. But later on, the necessity of learning English had been admitted and accepted by the majority of the people.

There are many advantages to this language. It is a highly flexible language. The language has the capacity for adaptation. Many words of various languages are getting into the English vocabulary each day. This language is used in many countries as the official language. It is also accepted as the common means of expression among the countries. When persons of different countries meet, they try to interact in the English language. Most importantly, a large number of books are published in English across the world. The students and academians prefer books written English. So, learning English is very important for students.

Nowadays many Indian writers including Bengalis got success in writing books in English. They got prizes in recognization of their achievement. So, this fact is much inspiring with respect to the study of English.

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