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Cyber Cafe

Cyber Cafe

Cyber Cafes are mushrooming in different parts of a locality in our country today. Mostly young people are found to be crowding those cafes. The revolutionary development in information technology gave rise to the increase of such cafes across all areas of the country. It's true that there are many benefits to a Cyber Cafe. A student who wants to study the relevant portion of a costly book can easily get access to that particular chapter from a Cyber Cafe. Moreover, one student can get the details of an application form with respect to admission to any educational institution by way of surfing in a cyber-cafe. A student after completion of a study-course can apply for a job with the information provided by a Cyber Cafe. A student can become aware of the job prospects throughout the country from a Cyber Cafe. one can also send messages from a Cyber Cafe are extremely useful to students in respect of their education, jobs, and communication.

Cyber Cafes are also used for entertainment. One can see films in such a Cafe in accordance with his choice. But most importantly 'chatting' has taken a major role in such Cafes. Mostly young people are highly attracted to 'chatting'. On account of globalization, many western cultures have entered our country. Technological development is also responsible for the influence of western concepts. It is also guessed that 'chatting' is also a western concept of entertainment. Young students and young people want to taste the spirit of freedom by way of chatting. But often the young persons are immature. So, they can't maintain proper manners during chatting. Chatting is a kind of healthy entertainment if young persons control themselves and remain truly cultured. Moreover, terrorism may spread through Cyber Cafe if the identity of all persons is not verified thoroughly. 

It is true that Cyber Cafe can become beneficial to our modern society. But the cafes must be managed properly so that the educational and cultural atmosphere is sustained there and no harmful element can get access to any cyber cafe.  

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