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Freedom of Press

Freedom of the Press

The success of a democracy is directly related to the freedom of the press. Freedom of the press implies the entitlement of expressing an opinion without any constraints. Moreover, it is also regarded as the necessary condition of a true democracy. In a democratic country, newspapers must not be under the direct control of the government. There the newspapers should be allowed to criticize the actions and decisions of the government. It is the duty of the press to make the government conscious of inappropriate actions and decisions so that the government gets much beneficial to the people. The press also has the responsibility to make the people aware socially and politically. As a result, they get more sensitive to their situation. The people can vent their grievances through newspapers also. In fact, a free press ensures the liberty of the people in a free country but in reality, the press is not free.

As a matter of fact, the newspapers in a country, are run by big business. houses. It's much expensive to publish newspapers and finance is provided by the businessmen. So, the newspapers have to take care of the interests of the proprietors and patronizers. It becomes extremely difficult to publish neutral and impartial news, comments, opinions, and views. The prejudices, biased mentality, and personal opinions of the owners of newspapers influence the newspaper much. The political and economic opinions of big advertisers also influence the newspapers. So, it is evident that the press is not free at all.

But often the press is found to misuse the freedom. It resorts to misinterpretation and distortion of news and facts to provoke and excite the people against the government, any other authorities, or any other person. It can also defame any person or institution. Most importantly the newspapers often try to sensualize the people with sensational news. Stories are accompanied by the facts and the news and facts are presented in a much attractive fashion to the public. As a result, it is possible that people get agitated and disturbance is created. So it is much disastrous for society.

It's very difficult to preserve the sanctity of the true nature of a newspaper. It is clear that newspapers can become a true friend and guide to the people only if impartial and true news is communicated by it. A free press is absolutely necessary for a democratic country but it must act in a proper manner.

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