Write an Essay on The Value of Time

Value of time essay

The Value of Time

The value of time is much significant with respect to punctuality. Punctuality is the custom or trend of performing a job at the proper time. Punctuality is important both personality and socially. If one becomes punctual in one's daily life, life gets orderly and systematic. Thus peace and happiness can prevail in a family also. School, colleges, and other educational institutions can't run effectively without punctuality. A student must realize the benefits of punctuality from early school days. One must try to reach the designated places at the pre-arranged time. Employees of any company or concerns must be punctual to engage themselves usefully. The concerns can be managed efficiently also in that manner. 

All the areas of society are interlinked. Therefore the absence of punctuality in any department can affect society adversely. if the jobs are not performed according to a fixed time-frame, the number of pending jobs gets increasing.

As a result, it becomes very difficult to perform all the jobs. Work-pressure keeps on mounting resulting in mental tension. People also get harassed and a stagnant atmosphere is developed so that no service can be provided to anybody. Therefore the development of the society and the country get stalled. One must know that each and every one of a country must try to be punctual for the true progress of the country. One should never neglect the value of punctuality. Freedom of a free country necessitates every citizen of the country to be punctual and disciplined.

The true progress of the country depends on punctuality. One can engage oneself properly by being punctual. One can become truly happy also if one becomes punctual.  

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